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  1. Thanks for replies. Fair enough ! I realize the scope is not the barrel, and I know the 3D object designers know their geometry pretty good(down to the mil&inch), and there is an expected offset from height and angle to converge on the estimated target. It's suprising me, from firing a similar rifle in real life, over a very near obsicle(2 M from end of barell), that I could dip so low and not notice. Interesting that laser attachments follow the barrel and not necessarily aligned from same position as sights. I will experiment more, from 3rd person camera, and trace bore-line, to see how my eyes are so easily fooled, and work out a visual reference from lower reticule, to know how low is too-low, per obstacle distance. Thanks.
  2. Did a search and could not find an answer to this, so.... When I am aiming down a rifle sight I have clear-line-of-sight in scope cross-hairs. Then none of my hits land, only to discover they are hitting the wall in front of me, which only is only revealed in 3rd person with cross hairs. Ruins immersion and realism that line of sight is not really line of sight, and no way of knowing how much one is exposed in firefight. Is their a mod that fixes this bug/anomaly(corrects the offset), as it not something that would happen in real-life physics ? Thanks
  3. You posted as a FYI Known issues--------------------------- - TPW RADIO uses playsound3d to give directional sound to the radio chatter when outside a vehicle. Once inside a vehicle it by necessity uses playmusic which is non-directional. Depending on the volume you have set your in game music, this may be very loud! ----------------------------------------------------------------- First. Thanks for great Mod, and have given me much fun ;-) Yes for me Radio Chatter is 'VERY' loud, louder than 'all' other sounds. I thought the Mod had a script line for volume control, but now I see to is controlled only the main Arma Music Vol. Is there any way of isolating the Radio chatter, to turn it down independently when script is called, or even by script call 'temporally' knocking-down Main music volume ? Oddly normally the Music Volume playing in-game music is quite modest/well-ballanced for me. I has hoping to add-in some intersting audio samples I found, but have not learned yet how to build an add-on, that can be planted/positioned into editor / landcape. Thanks again.
  4. sparxz

    Paddle Mod - RELEASED!

    Looks like a really cool mod. I have downloaded it through PlayWithSix, and can see it in the ARMA3 loaded Mods GUI Menu list, as 'available'. Problem is when following instructions to Configure Keys for addons, it is not there, to configure. I also moved @a3_paddle_mod to Root folder, and same problem. I haven read through all messages here to see if this problem was answered. Any ideas ? Thanks
  5. I messed up with the keys trying to change CAPS LOCK default, with an attempted ALT TAB key sequence. I am no longer able to change the MOD-bound key. How do I reset to original default ? How do I manually edit, or is there a file I can delete to start over ? Great MOD, thanks.