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  1. zrmz_x

    Helicopter camera

    @oukej Has given us an update. An update to the 3rd person camera in helicopters has been pushed to the dev-branch. They are also preparing a hotfix to push to the main branch.
  2. zrmz_x

    Helicopter camera

    @oukej Will the fix for this current issue be in the current (1.70 Update) hotfix which is currently on RC branch?
  3. zrmz_x

    Jets DLC Helicopter Physics

    You can find more information regarding this topic here. Hope this helps :)
  4. zrmz_x

    VTOL handling after Jets DLC...?

    I had a play around with it this morning, at the start I thought it was impossible to land vertically but I then got the hang of it. - Don't use Auto-Vectoring. - Use the Manual Vectoring UP/DOWN either on your scroll wheel or when ever bind it maybe on your controls. There is defiantly a lot of changes but I can see theses will work out once everyone get use to them.
  5. Hi, I am just wondering on how to remove map objects in the Eden editor when not loaded in as a player, but in the editor screen when you can place objects. I have seen screen shots where when they are placing objects there is clear spaces where they have done something to remove them map placed objects. I'm just wondering how this is possible? Cheers!