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  1. Hello there, I'm running a Public Server, one thats generally more fun oriented than milsim . With that said I'm open to ideas for things people would like to play. Me and my old timer buddies prefer more of a PvP element, although Coops are also a nice change in pace. So for example, if I put up a series of Star Wars PvP maps where teams take areas to bleed the other teams respawns, would anyone be interested in that? Or a full time PvP with Iron Front server with Coop Mission Nights ? Lampreys and Zombies? Even a Submarine naval themed server could be possible. Anything that could be outside the norm but is still wanted by the community. I would like to gauge the current state of the playerbase before I begin making more maps. If people would prefer just CUP I have some TDMs all ready to go. I'm just not sure i I want to go in the direction of Arma Life or Exile; although it seems those are the most demanded/ populated servers. Any other ideas are welcome. (don't say Armstalker.....I wish..)
  2. Apparently I do have a life, because this coding stuff is nothing but a pain in the ass, and I took this time today to l do what I can, I've looked around the web; didnt find it and I dont actually have time to learn the intricancies of coding .Your suggestion doesnt work. It still asks for it. Erasing it just made the file crash more quickly. ButThanks.
  3. I really enjoyed having all 4 maps that I was ready to release on the Workshop suddenly become broken because of the update. Bravo "You cannot play this mission. It is dependant on downloadable content that has been deleted. CUP_Air_Vechiles_Merlin" The mod as a whole is awesome, I'm just really incensed about how this has turned out.
  4. Any particular reason why using the cargo function in Zeus with MCC or just MCC by itself no longer works ? It was the easiest way to customize equipment loadouts in real time or when making a scenario. :ph34r: I have also noticed that Thelo.
  5. beerbellygod

    Text Trigger

    Wow Specific Locations with text - Story Driven scenarios just got a bit more complicated. Why the hell would they do that? I appreciate the confirmation and help, but I'm new to scripting, Outside of the editor I wouldn't know where to start placing the code, making parameters etc.
  6. beerbellygod

    Text Trigger

    For some reason putting text in a trigger using the 2D editor no longer is no longer a possibility. Instead there is a bunch of Bohemia splash screen options. The triggers for my previous maps load up intact but anything new I put down disables text. It doesn't appear to be a mod issue. Is there perhaps a way around this ?
  7. After searching around, I didn't really find an answer for this. Could anyone tell me how to set a max kills condition in my DM maps? I can set people to different teams if necessary, I am mostly just looking for a way to set the amount of kills and then have the mission display the winner. or just mission complete with the classic trigger. My plan is to have zombies from Ryans mod rising from the ground and chasing players as they take each other out :wub: any help would be appreciated
  8. beerbellygod

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Those are some gnarly photos Solano ! I enjoy this mod so much that I've made some MP scenarios through MCC/ Zeus with it. If anyone is interested in trying some out, my connection seems to be able to handle 3 other people fairly well. We can plan for a hosting night, where I could run it on LAN (works well) or just regular (although I haven't tried it yet.) In the future if there is enough interest I will really like to have the Walkers mod mixed in there as well. I find they work well together. And its true that dead demons can come back as walkers, making the need to evacuate an area pretty urgent wuahah. Also I find the Bornholm terrain perfect for future missions. I would like to put a upload a mission but in the meantime, hit me up on Steam if interested.
  9. beerbellygod

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I think the whole making players into demons thing would be the ultimate accomplishment but also probably the hardest task. I don't know, I am very impressed with how this is has turned out so far. Its really fun the way it is.
  10. beerbellygod

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I love those new animations ! hmmmm well if you and your partner are messing with the faces anyway.....I have a suggestion in case its possible. Could the demon zombies have freaky glow in the dark eyes? with that said I think this is really great the way it is. thanks again.
  11. beerbellygod

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I am really enjoying this mod. Also the Zeus work and head down animations are looking great. If anyone wants to team up for some missions, let me know. Through MCC I have already constructed a couple of missions, where I can jump between actually playing the mission and overseeing things for zombie control. Thanks for all the effort Ryan
  12. beerbellygod

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    This looks amazing.....and if the previous poster is correct and I can spawn these zombies at my will via MCC, it will make for one hell of an experience.
  13. To be on point; MCC Sandbox is one of the best features of playing this game. I thoroughly enjoy using it for Mission Creation and is the perfect companion to Zeus. I very glad I stumbled upon it. There are only 2 things I want to ask about this release, and if the answer is no to both, then I suppose that would be my answer to that MCC questionnaire at the top of the first page. :party: 1) The MCC medical system doesn't seem to work outside of SP. I'm assuming its because everyone involved needs the mod, because when people join they get disconnected. Right now I use BTC Revive for my missions. But perhaps there's some code I didn't find in the tutorials, because while I can revive, other players claim they cannot. 2) Those gorgeous weather markers that produce sandstorms, heat waves, warzones. I really love those effects but there again if I'm hosting with new people that don't have the mod, they wont see it. At least that seems to be the case in the couple of attempts I've stuck them in there. MCC is awesome though. Even if this is as far as it develops, I have to say this is one hell of a successful project. Really fun stuff. Thanks to the Developers. :D