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  1. So I played Vigor on xbox, bought the founder pack. Now I'm playing on ps4. Now I'm happy to buy ANOTHER founders pack but I've had a lot of issues with server disconnects. (fell out sync with cloud) In the process I've lost 90 crowns. Really frustrating to play an entire match, kill the lobby, loot your rare crate just to have it crash and not even get your crowns back. Anything the support team can do would be appreciated.
  2. Someone else did the play testing to figure out that you lose your loaded ammo from your gun if your bag was full on exit. As there is already a function that sweeps resources out of your bag on exit/reward screens maybe it would be wise to input a function that after the inventory sweep restores the ammo recorded as loaded in weapon instead of before. Also can we please get some developer post regarding what is your current strategy for refunding lost crowns and gear due to the pretty common disconnect and game crash issues? Only so much footage we can all store for making those claims and I'm already starting to get to gigs of recording files just on that! 😅 No demand for immediate action just let us know how we the players can make that future process easier on the dev/support team.
  3. I have noticed that bug, considering how all your inventory is cleared in between the end screen and shelter (other than ammo and consumables of course) it should be an easy coding fix. Just build a function in to restore loaded ammo to inventory AFTER the inventory clearing stage of the load. Not sure what else it might effect but might be worth trialling that fix in the current office development build(not the most skilled or aware programmer in the world BY FAR but taking what ever stabs in the dark I think might help out) @DeV
  4. I've been @ing the Devs in here when I come across any bug posts with decent details they could work with hoping that they might take a peak and shuffle it on to the correct team members. If its just posting "It bugged and I lost ABC gear wah wah I want it back now." I ignore it. When putting in a forum post reporting a bug please remember to add as much detail as possible. Important things to think of when submitting: Was this on a map, lobby screen or shelter that this happened? If a map where abouts roughly would you say it happened? Think of a close point of interest and which direction it was and distance to help pin down map design bugs. Was a fire arm involved? What kind and what buttons might you have pressed to trigger the bug/error. Disconnect issues? What message was displayed, did it crash to the login screen or all the way to xbox dashboard? If we want them to be active in the forums we have to be providing useful information about the issues to make it worth their while and not to soul sapping as people shit on their hard work without giving useful input to help fix it. 😛
  5. tyson765

    Close range shots aren't registering

    I this issue drive me wild and why I never take weapons of single fire now. Any automatic weapon can fall foul of it but only in the machine and assault varieties from my experience... Not had it happen with a submachine gun (yet) If a Dev is looking at this thread I don't have a clue what could be causing it but I have also experience OP's issue and others like getting locked into first person. Could be the functions translating the controller input to the actions game if I had to guess. Probably a couple of functions in there without a proper end running into temporary loops sometimes and overwriting the actual input with a "phantom" one.
  6. tyson765

    Stuck on maps

    I have had this happen once on the smaller rocky hill in grundelheim on the North East side of town heading out. Was very luck to be able jiggle myself out after 5 minutes or more of trying. Not sure what technical issue could be producing this problem but my guess would be a bug in the code handling interactions between player movement and the mesh, most likely when switching from one form of texture/terrain and another. You sink in up to your shins and that's when the trouble begins... 😅