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    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Thank you very much for the updates DSabre, excellent work - I never thought we'd see a mozzie in arma3! Really looking forward to the Tempest and Spitfires - if they make it. P.S. does anybody know if there's a map out there with a ww2 "Class A" style airfield?
  2. Magnifique Monsieur! Are those new faces as well? they look different somehow...
  3. Wow, beautiful detailing on the Sten. Sorry to see you've had to remove some objects from the mod, especially the Crusader's and the trucks😭 they were really nice, was it the models or the textures or both that were 'borrowed'? I fully believe in the integrity of your mod, good luck going forward.
  4. archsceptic1

    Folding@home for coronavirus

    Could you guy's and gal's please consider joining the "Folding@home" program to support the current projects concerning coronavirus? I know it might not be doing much, but it's more than doing nothing - and you just never know, your pc could crunch some critically important numbers for the next Jonas Salk. Download here: https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/
  5. Love it, really pleased to see the Churchill make it to ArmA3! Would you consider removing the "Old British" lettering from the sides? It looks a bit odd if you have several Churchills in action and they all have the same call-sign down the side, think they'd look a bit more generic without. Thanks for the continued support!😀
  6. For the moment, all I can leave you with is this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nysb-m49Ol0
  7. Excellent work on the sounds! Kudos to all involved. And thanks for your continued support for this mod, it's really, really appreciated. Never thought i'd say this about any British WW2 era truck, but that's a beautiful looking Bedford(?) a few pages back... Landing craft looking awesome too, but I'm especially looking forward to the Crusader! I see a while back in one of the patches there was some work done on some tank texture/shadow glitches and bugs, is there any chance the Sherman could be looked at as well? I'm sure the Sherman in the original Iron Front mod with the high res textures didn't have the glitches/bugs. Maybe a result of the resolution of the textures being reduced? Thanks again.
  8. archsceptic1

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    It's very nice to hear from you Pac, only yesterday I spent an unhealthy amount of time in the editor (UK bank holiday) with your still awesome units. I'd like to vote for Günter to bring some civilization back to your forums (free p0rn links? Cheap fitted kitchens?:() My offer is still open on the Churchill skin tweak I mentioned some time back, I find it matches the Sherman's a lot better when used together. I felt the Churchill was a touch dark compared to the Sherman's. Was that M10/Achilles tank destroyer ever finished? would give my right arm to see that in-game...