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  1. Pretty much agree with all of the above. The one silver lining I take is that they actually released something before ArmA 4 to figure out their engine needed years more work.
  2. Wilks

    Admin g-portal

    Hey @mastercz@gmx.de, I have a g-portal server and can login as an admin in the chat window with #login password so its definitely possible. However my issues are that their servers do not auto download and update mods as they should and support has been useless so I still agree with avoiding this company.
  3. Hey there, I am getting a "Loading of mission failed!" error when trying to load a very simple mission into the editor. Any advice? EDIT: Deleted everything and started an unmodded arma client seemed to work now.
  4. I was just wondering what kind of skills we would need if we planned on making a good quality map? I don't want to jump into something I am not capable of. Secondly if a map or mission was created with the wood and metal extras you have in the mod would the people wanting to play the map require these also. Cheers Wilks