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  1. Hi Hopefully someone can help having run all over the internet for a answer. I have created a mission and have issue on the end mission trigger calling a function from dedicated server or if I host it myself. Its a basic trigger with condition for BLUFOR to be present and on activation run end1" call BIS_fnc_endMission; This works fine on my PC where the mission was created but clients connected dont see it and from what I have read the function is called by the local client. and is not broadcasted to the others if condition is met. I read that it should be a publicvariable or RemoteExecCall but unsure how to get this to work. should it be in the init or description files. I used eden to create mission but uncertain where to put the commands. I also setup some triggers that call SQF files that spawn some enemy units, would this be the same same if on a dedicated server. We have played the mission a few times and have held back from making triggers fire but it seems to work from clients triggering it. Hopefully someone can help me :-) Cheers
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    Ok thanks for your response, appreciate your assistance :-)
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    I may be missing the point, I am very new to scripting concepts and am trying to learn as best I can. I maybe didnt explain clearly and will try and explain as best I can. I have created a mission and have set triggers that are activated by BLUFOR being present and on activation should run the following NUL = execVM "DynamicAISpawn.sqf"; with a hint message the script basically sets a zone to spawn in AI randomly. link provided http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28107 This works fine in the editor and if I run mission on single player which makes sense. If I host a MP game only I can seem to activate the trigger and see the hint. No other players see a hint and script does not work. I tried this on a dedicated server and I cannot activate the trigger or see a hint like other joined players. I want to be able to have any players in a MP game to be able to activate the trigger and call the script. so what you suggested is similar to what I am trying to achieve but maybe going about it the wrong way ( BIS_fnc_MP or remoteExec means it will be executed locally for everyone) but am unsure of how the command should be set on the trigger in the editor. hopefully I have made some of this a bit more clear.
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    Hi DavidOss, that worked a treat thank you so much, hope you don't mind me asking but I am using a Dynamic Spawn AI script for missions and works local as before but don't seem to work on dedicated using this command NUL = execVM "DynamicAISpawn.sqf"; I take it that is all that's required or would I need to use the same MP function call. Much Appreciated.
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    Thanks for the reply davisoss, I will give it a try but looks like it had possible an issues in Eden that may be related.. FYI https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188583-answered-repair-scripts-doesnt-work-on-dedicated-server-local-works-fine/?hl=eden https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/140837-development-branch-changelog/page-36#entry2982827
  6. I am currently trying the Editor after the release and have found most of the functionality ok. some issues when creating a mission is units set with a certain behaviour completely ignore what you have set and do whatever they wish. I have also tried setting waypoints and they start to follow then do whatever they wish. No opposing forces present to make them change behaviour. Can anyone offer any ideas I have watched some of the videos relating to object placement and suggesting items can be put onto tables and surfaces. Having tested with many different tables and surfaces this does not work.This has never worked and still does not work in Eden. Even using 3rd Party 3d editors such as ARES in zeus to save SQM the objects just fall to the ground and MCC is very hit and miss like the ARMA 2d Editor. Is this a known bug or can anything be done to aid with this issue.
  7. not what you want to hear but glad someone else found the issue and its not just me :-) thanks for the info on dropbox version i will have to get it.
  8. Hi all is anyone else having this issue when you try to start a multiplayer game with MMC and RHS both running. Did some mod testing and tried vanilla first and all good. Enabled each mod one at a time and all work fine, even MCC 4 R14 on it own works As soon as RHS Russian is enabled anytime you try to host a MP game it hangs the system big time. RHS US works on its own but most of the core elements are in the Russian one. I love MCC and it is such a great tool for mission editing but RHS is a big one too. If i disable MCC mod and enable RHS stuff MP will work ok. Hopefully others have had the issue and a fix can be found as soon as possible. SteelBellyBeast Running latest RHS 0.3.6 using the updater.