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  1. Hi, I am trying to reduce strain on my dedicated server and figured that, one of the thing I should do is disable RPT file logging, I figured -nologs should help according to my google-fu but it does not. Please advice. Here is my bat file in case I have made a dumb and can see it myself. http://prntscr.com/cc88h1
  2. sodien

    Warning to all life mod players out there!

    not everyone plays online or on publicly available servers
  3. sodien

    [SP] Dynamic Air Combat Missions

    Well it could have been a one time bug thingy, with their spawn being altered, due to one of my mods I guess. I will try to observe them closely when I play next to see if it happens again. They achieve the feeling of air traffic well otherwise.
  4. sodien

    [SP] Dynamic Air Combat Missions

    I had several tank drop missions that spawned. the 4-8 nato patrol planes flew there (they were closer to it than me) and killed all tanks before I got there. also happened on a escort boat mission. Love the concept of the scenario as a whole and will be using it as my main way of getting not bad at jets. Wish there was 2p Coop to play with a friend but it's still a super nice mission.
  5. sodien

    [SP] Dynamic Air Combat Missions

    In many instances the friendly AI air will complete most or the whole missions before you get there.
  6. In screenshots the wipeout gets target boxes on things in view. But when I try it I don't see any. Did something change or am I missing something? Using steam version.
  7. sodien

    co10 Escape

    It is up to you to set the difficulty of your AI. Don't see how someone running around with "trolling" AI with extremely low difficulty settings proves any point. Now they have included a difficulty setting in this mission that is broken atm. which is nice I guess. But it appears to be no functional currently so fix your configs, it's in your hands, not Bohemi'as, scruffy's or neo's.
  8. sodien

    AA Fire and Helicopters

    https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/184802-tactics-to-counter-rockets/?p=2914297 Is my take on dealing with AA.
  9. hello, thank you all for your work on this. With steamworkshop, if you release an update will it re-download the whole mod or will it just download the files you changed? And you may guess wildly to answer this; what is the likely file-size for e.g. a terrain update? Some of my friends are on dumb mobile limited capacity internet and I'm trying to find the optimal way for us to use CUP.
  10. sodien

    co10 Escape

    I eagerly await. Take your time.
  11. sodien

    co10 Escape

    I am aware, and it has only happened when we switched to a dedicated server and the same has happen in other missions that we play. I have not bothered trying to find the reason for the bug/deviation as it is easy, and often just preferable, to change the default params. Could be a bug, could be my laptops server-setting somehow being setup in a manner that is wrong. I wouldn't put to much thought into it as it might not even have been an issue with your missions and at the very least for me, with this mission, is an issue no longer.
  12. sodien

    Mechanics of flares vs missiles.

    For tips on avoiding missiles check out my post in this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/184802-tactics-to-counter-rockets/ I can not give you the numbers, but in general as you pop flares/chaff the missile will in most cases go straight towards the location it was aiming to reach before you popped flares and air-burst at that point in air-space. A lot of inexperienced pilots that wishes flares/chaff was pop-and-forget, mistake the air-burst disabling most if not all systems instead to straight blowing up the heli as a direct hit. How to use this for best survival odds look at the link in the top of my post. This should probably be moved to questions and answers.
  13. sodien

    Enhanced Movement

    Hi, I have noticed with my friend that sometimes the fall damage prevention does not work. We are playing on a self hosted dedicated server that is not the strongest computer ever and running (@cba_a3;@st_gi;@mcc_sandbox_a3;@st_stamina_bar;@sthud_a3;@st_nametags;@asr_ai3;@em;@melb;@ares;@hrp;@outlw_magrepack;@shacktack_map_gestures). Now it might be related to temp low server fps or something I don't actually know how to find the actual cause. Maybe I should start by monitoring server fps and note it when this happens. It is not a frequent occurrence.
  14. sodien

    co10 Escape

    1.7.3 has some issues with setting parameters not working, as do many other missions when run on dedicated server( 1.7.4 works fine for us though) to work around this UnPBO the mission and find co10_Escape.[mapname]\include\params.hpp and change the lines "default = n" to what ever you want, n is a value displayed a few rows up for each individual param. Hey neo and scruffy, for some reason our server was bogging up for a month or two (I assume it was some mod) causing a lot of scripts (mostly spawn) to stop working. Now though, we get the full experience and is that ever something extra, had a lot of renewed fun with being pinned down by UAVs (that never spawned when we had broken the mission) and more patrols! Even though this makes me wish even more for a vanilla lightweight disposable launcher. There is no arma mission with the same replay-ability value for small groups like this one. I recommend trying out bad bensons Enhanced Movement mod with escape, it's a good force-multiplier for your small team vs all of Altis. [Enhanced Movement is far from done and still has a lot of issues, eg falling damage reduction in lieu of the ability to climb down.] https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/174788-arma-enhanced-movement/
  15. Hi, Is there a script I can execute to enable curator in any mission, or maybe an add-on? I would like to expand my usage of Ares into non zeus missions as a way to fix stuff and things when a mission breaks, eg teleport and spawning stuff. My small group uses MCC for that stuff today but we would rather not have to do that. If we can only get into zeus Ares have everything covered.