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  1. Teamspeak - chi-voice2.fragnet.net:10082 Website - Coming soon. 880th Marine Battalion(880thMB) is a relaxed mil-sim unit based in North America. We offer a new perspective into the other side of the world for English-speaking players. What we offer: An exclusive Russian campaign that will have us explore the Chechnyan conflict, Ukraine, and other parts of the world in which Russia has deployed their Navy. The missions are based on real life operations. An experienced unit with room to grow. We place qualified people in positions of importance, so don't hesitate when applying. An Eastern based training regime that holds to the standards of the Russian military. We aim to make all our training courses informative and entertaining. A 24/7 Teamspeak and an ARMA dedicated server. What we want from you: We want you to be available for at least one event a week. If you can't commit to our event schedule then it's difficult for you to be a part of our community. We offer a lot of opportunities for anyone to contribute to the betterment of the unit. We need you to be a mature, and reasonable member of the community. We have many different faiths, races, and genders. Show respect to everyone. Requirements: Mature Age 17+ (Waivers may be given) Teamspeak 3, Microphone. Dedicated schedule Be on Teamspeak whenever possible Slots are currently open: Multiple high and low positions available.
  2. Here's the log. I've been looking through it but I'm not entirely sure what the problem is.
  3. Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) Regimental Information - Established: March 16th 2015. Location: North American Region, Canada & United Sates of America. Time Zones: Eastern & Pacific Time zone. Website: http://csor.boards.net/ Numbers: Classified. Teamspeak: atl01.mainvoice.net:7102 Regimental Factual History - The unit traces its roots to the First Special Service Force (FSSF), the Canadian-American special forces unit that was stood up in 1942 and earned the “Devil's Brigade†moniker for daring night raids on German forces at the Anzio beachhead. In April 2005, the Canadian government's new defence policy statement was made public. It included a concept of first responders for international tasks consisting of "special forces" (such as an expanded Joint Task Force 2) supported by one of the light battalions. This concept of operations is similar to the US Army's 75th Ranger Regiment and the Special Forces Support Group of the UK Special Forces Group who support high-level special forces units. This eventually led to the formation of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR), although CSOR was not to be limited to a supporting role. "In the main, the Canadian Special Operations Regiment enables special operations and, specifically, JTF2; thus, JTF2 can focus on the precise tasks for which they are so well selected and trained. However, particularly in out-of-area operations, we see that the Canadian Special Operations Regiment would be the more appropriate organization to put to the task." Regimental ARMA 3 History - The ARMA 3 unit was formed under the leadership of WO. Toronto, the community has been around longer than the regiment because it's focus was in different games. The community itself has been around since 2014 and will continue to be around for the foreseen future. The regiment migrated to ARMA 3 with an incentive to join the community as a whole instead of limiting itself to be within their local constraints. Regimental Code of Conduct - 1. Do not use langauge that other members find offensive under reasonable pretense. 2. Do not disrespect any one within the regiment. 3. Keep the music in the music room. 4. Do not soundboard any channels. 5. Do not purposely hotmic. 6. No sexually explicit avatars. 7. Any misconduct during events thats at the expense of anyone will not be tolerated. 8. The chain of command is to be followed in all situations. 9. No malicious website linking. 10. No double regging, or multi-clanning with another ARMA unit. 11. Reserved to be used by the leaders & owners at their own discretion. This rule is to enforce any behavior & actions that are deemed punishable by an server admin. Recruitment Information - There are two ways one can go about joining the CSOR. You either go on the forums and post in the Recruitment board or you can go on our teamspeak to be interviewed live. You must have a microphone, and you must be mature enough to handle the community. Thank you, and good luck. Warrant Officer, Duke Toronto Sergeant, Renly Walker
  4. reindly

    Question to all - what volume do you play at?

    I use a headset and sometimes I can't hear anyone in the TS. I have to either go the the pause menu or lower the settings even further.