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  1. For some reason I cannot get past the debrief screen of mission 4 of the coop campaign ("Heart of Darkness"). I wait for the lobby menu to reappear, the loading screen pops up and the game crashes to desktop. This is the error code: Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at BEC7D2BD graphics: D3D11, Device: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti resolution: 1920x1080x32 I created a bug report on feedback tracker. Seeing as this error occurs only at a very specific point in the game, I figured that it might be a bug. But I am not so sure now. The description of the access_violation error on the Arma 3 Wiki pointed to a variety of possible causes and solutions. And I haven't found anyone complaining about this specific problem on the net either. I verified my game files through Steam and defragmented my drive. I could reinstall the game, of course, but that would take hours, so I am a little reluctant in that regard. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you very much for any help!
  2. I recently started playing with the 3D editor and think that I stumbled on a bug. I guess this must be the right place to post this since the bug tracker is still offline. Placing a drone (without a player character to control it) in the 3D editor and then right-clicking it and selecting the "play as character" option has an interesting effect for me. When I crash the created drone, no game over screen appears. Instead, the screen becomes blurry. The menu where you can restart or return to the editor is missing. Pressing escape doesn't help. I cannot go back to the editor or close the game because the menu interface is gone. This does not happen with drones that are controlled via a drone terminal by a character. I tried this with the MQ4A Greyhawk and AR-2 Darter drones. Edit: Nevermind, I am pretty sure I found the reason behind this. Using the regular 2D editor you cannot make the "autonomous" class of vehicles player characters. They are obviously not meant to be directly player controlled, therefore the "play as character" option does not work properly in 3D editor. I guess I will report this using the bug tracker when it is up again. This is what it looked like when I crashed the drone. I had to close the game manually:
  3. freegoon

    Black boxes over textures

    I see. I guess it must be a relatively common problem. Maybe Bohemia addresses it in some of the upcoming patches. I wonder if it might even be worth reporting. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  4. freegoon

    Black boxes over textures

    That is interesting. To answer your question, the glitch happens to me only from time to time, always at night or in the evening. If I hadn't used the editor I probably wouldn't have noticed. It seems to depend on the distance between player and explosion, the terrain, even the type of vehicle. Letting an empty CH-67 Huron crash at the Stratis air base around 100 metres away from myself for example always causes the glitch for me. By the way, I doubt that it is a driver issue, I just refreshed my OS and reinstalled the drivers and the glitch is still there. My system: I7-4790K GTX 980Ti 16GB RAM 1TB HD Most settings are maxed out. Visiblity is set at around 3200 meters. I do not use any mods right now.
  5. freegoon

    Black boxes over textures

    No, I don't use any mods. I will try reinstalling my drivers and see if it helps.
  6. freegoon

    Black boxes over textures

    The first picture shows a pixellated black shape in place of the explosion. I had trouble making screenshots of the shapes because they only showed for a very short time (in the two other pictures the artifacts are visible left of the explosion). But I guess you are right. What you called transparency is probably the right way to describe it. The black shapes appear only for a few milliseconds on top of the explosions or around them. This happens only for the first few seconds. If I pause the game at the time of the explosion, minimize the game via ALT ESC and then open it up again the flickering also reappears while the game is paused (see the first picture). But I don't know what to make of this. Do you think it is the card?
  7. Hi there! I have recently started noticing a strange graphical glitch. In low-light conditions (evening generally), textures are sometimes covered up with black shapes for a short period of time. I suppose the glitch has something to do with the lighting effects. I tested this using the Eden editor. I put a lightsource next to a furniture prop in editor and set the time to seven o'clock in the evening. Now, when I shot the prop it flickered black for a second, I suspect due to the muzzle flash of the gun that temporarily lit the surroundings. The same artifacts appear over explosions at times. I let a helicopter crash in Eden editor once and the resulting explosion was partly covered in a black shape that went away after a second. Strangely, this only happens from time to time and can often not be reproduced. I wonder if this might be related to my graphics card. My drivers are up-to-date and my GPU is only half a year old. I hope somebody can help me with this. Thank you for any suggestions! Here are a few screenshots of the issue: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059934509/screenshots/
  8. freegoon

    Audio Crackling

    Thanks for the reply! My audio drivers: Nvidia High Definition Audio Nvidia Virtual Audio Device ( deactivated/removed both of these before, didn't help) Realtek High Definition Audio Realtek Digital Output I use analog 2.1 subwoofers. I also tried different speakers that had the same results. What do you mean with very small crackling? This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bbI9mKajMY shows the crackling I noticed.
  9. freegoon

    Audio Crackling

    Hello! While playing Arma 3 I noticed strange crackling/popping noises in the menu and in-game when there were a lot of background sounds around (e.g. driving a car offroad). I found a video of someone else on YouTube who had the same issue: Arma 3- Crackling and Popping Audio - YouTube ​I originally thought that this was related to some driver of mine causing dpc latency spikes. According to LatencyMon it indeed was. I updated all my drivers, my BIOS, changed power plan settings, and I even did a clean install of the OS and I still haven't gotten to the bottom of this. But just to make sure, I installed Arma 3 on a second pc and it had the same audio glitches (and latency Spikes). The only connection I could imagine would be Windows 10, which I installed on both machines. I am puzzled as to how this is even possible so my best guess is that it must be a compatibility problem. Is there anyone else here who is experiencing audio popping during gameplay and has Windows 10 installed? Thanks for the help​