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  1. Thats great firewill, you dont really need to change the Rocket pods because who doesn't want rocket pods? Will you upgrade all the vanilla jets, the L-159 ALAC is very underpowered
  2. Any plans for the Russian vehicles too?
  3. Tactical Hello Kitty Car*
  4. officeramr

    Al Kut Iraq

    Nice, Arma 3 lacks some real good Urban battles
  5. You missile trails are incredible, the only time i've ever seen missile trails done so accurately before :)
  6. Yes please, i think the Golf would be more practical, i doubt you'd get many high speed pursuits in Altis
  7. officeramr

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Will there be female civilians? I dont think the Republic of Stratis and Altis' population can survive much longer with 100% male inhabitants :P
  8. Is it possible to do a Atlantian police skin? https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8283/7846928974_5b809cc826_b.jpg Seems kinda weird to think that Altis would use the AAF for all policing
  9. officeramr

    LCVP - Higgins Boat

    why do civilians need M2's? :P
  10. Will you be including a Lenco Bearcat in the future? http://www.lencoarmor.com/wp-content/themes/lenco/images/headers/le/slide_le1.jpg
  11. officeramr

    12 Shades of Grey (aircraft retextures)

    Yah someone already made one but the texture pack requires that F-15 that you no longer can download of Armaholic
  12. Its a Skoda Octavia VRS, a somewhat popular European car, used by Police forces a few in a similar way the Dodge Charger is used, Pursuits
  13. Will the 2k22 only come in a Russian texture? Could you do a Chernarus texture too? The ZSU is very lackluster with no really AA missile capabilities
  14. officeramr

    12 Shades of Grey (aircraft retextures)

    Any plans for an Israeli F-16?
  15. officeramr

    Eagle's Addon Studios

    Will the Flanker be able to keep up with Firewalls aircraft? one of the drawbacks of the SU-35S mod is that its too slow
  16. officeramr

    Bombardier CRJ200 (Ivory)

    I'm not quite sure why BI decided to make the planes/jet fighters damage so basic in comparison to the everything else. There's so many interesting mechanics they could of implemented
  17. officeramr

    TMS Armory

    I dont think its possible, I remember Pook saying that the game engine wont allow for locking past 3 KM
  18. officeramr

    Eagle's Addon Studios

    I think a MIG-29 would be a better choice to the SU-27 because its $1 million cheaper. Well that is unless the government got a small loan of a million dollars