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  1. mobilemick


    Is it possible to edit the starting CP, I know you can do it in game lobby, But when I disconnect and rejoin my points start at 50 ? I also edited the pbo parameters file, but that didn't work :)
  2. wifty site gives me a warning and then goes to a 404 page
  3. mobilemick

    Virtual Vehicle Spawner (VVS)

    Works fine for me :)
  4. When previewing mission it says i need a DLC, It has never said this before and have opened mission numerous times Has there been a update or something ??? "" MISSION TERMINATED BECAUSE dlc CONTENT REQUIRED"
  5. I want a vehicle to complete the trigger and then creat a task, I can group the vehicle to the trigger, which kinda works, the task then says Completed ?? Thank you
  6. mobilemick

    Error on a mission (lost a lot of work :c)

    No, i get this error but it doesnt effect any mission im Make :) Think its to do with RHS mods,
  7. mobilemick

    Trouble with group trigger

    Isn` there a option to "Set it to "All Playable Units"
  8. mobilemick

    Floating AI ( They spawn 100ft in the air ?

    **** Fixed **** I had the Kunduz folder named wrong on the server :) :)
  9. I know how to make task trigger when no enemy are in the trigger zone :) But,, how do you make it so when "Vehicle A" enters the trigger, it completes the trigger and creates a task Thank you
  10. mobilemick

    Arma3 MP server CTI Conquest large

    I`ve Played ANTISTASI Liberation WASP
  11. mobilemick

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    yeah. what have they done to the lighting, FULL CONTRAST lol Whilst im here, is there a option to blow up the bridges, so i can sail all the way from North to South :) Thanks
  12. mobilemick

    Floating AI ( They spawn 100ft in the air ?

    Anyone have ny ideas :) It worked fine on my spare PC using it has a dedi, but today it is doing the same thing :(
  13. If you have Played Liberation and Antistasi you will understand this question.. We completed Antistasi :) :) We are halfway through Liberation, Have tried DUWS but couldnt get it working, So we are looking for something new to stick on our server :) Thank you Thesh1tgamer
  14. mobilemick

    Arma3 MP server CTI Conquest large

    What do you have on the CTI Liberation Antistasi ? SERVER NOT FOUND