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    NIArms Release Thread

    As usual keep up the amazing stuff @toadie2k Any plans to move to use CfgMagazineWells? (Sorry if this has already been asked!)
  2. I've been experiencing an interesting issue as of late. (DISCLAIMER: Firstly just to say i haven't used DAC for a couple of A3 builds so im not 100% when this has taken effect. I am also using various pubic and private mods, however nothing of note that should effect the issue.) It would seem since one of the latest A3 updates something has triggered an issue with our DAC configs similar to what your getting. I setup a mission using the same DAC config we use internally and have done since 3.1 was released. For simplicity this config comes with "DAC_Res_Side = 2" as (from my understanding) unless you want IndFor to be friendly to one side this should just make them enemy to anyone. In the mission I use some scripts to generate new DAC zones after the mission has started. When these zones are generated, the OpFor AI would refuse to engage the BluFor players....... Some further testing proved that i could generate DAC zones at the start of the mission, and the AI would engage OpFor. But, as soon as the new zones are generated all OpFor AI (new zones and current) would suddenly act as if they are friendly to BluFor... I have tried replacing our custom configs with the default DAC 3.1 configs and still get the same issue as soon as the DAC zone has generated. The only things i haven't tested yet (and will do at some point) are using DAC on its own without mods, or loading an old mission with our internal configs that i know works. Would be interesting if anyone else is getting similar issues? The fix i found was just to set "DAC_Res_Side" to a different value.
  3. bso_walker

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Understood, thanks for the speedy response! Yea i've had to go through a load of our own mods and fix the odd inheritance issue. Was literally a 5 second fix but for lots of different pbos lool. Cheers evrik, standing by.
  4. bso_walker

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hi guys, LOVE the mods and don't want to be "that guy". BUT, any news on the update? I ask as currently UK3CB_BAF_Weapons.pbo is causing the below error (like a lot of other mods). Realise you can get around it by relaunching missions etc. Can't wait for the updates guys, keep up the great work!
  5. We've been very busy at Beowulf pushing some updates to our preset, making some changes to our website... o and starting our first ALiVE campaign! Operation: Blue Jackal is Beowulf's first full persistent campaign through the ALiVE framework. In Blue Jackal we will be taking on a full FIA insurgency spanning most of Altis. To aid in the flow and coordination we have created our own story, objectives and briefing that have been issued to our selected command team who will lead the community through the campaign. On the ground we will be playing the role of "Beowulf Security Operations" a PMC take on our own Beowulf name. We will be conducting regular COINOPS across the AO, as well as regularly organised operations to complete objectives set by command elements. For a taste of whats to come check out our full in-house generated briefing pack here. Along with ALiVE we have continued the rapid creation of our missions from various community members. A taste of some recent missions include; COOP: OP Moskava - Russian MSV move in to crush a separatist movement in a neighbouring state, making use of Ground and air assets. COOP: OP Drug Duster - AAF Rangers deploy via airborne assault to the northern mountains targeting FIA drug operations in the area. As part of their mission they must find intel locating an FIA HVT in charge of these operations and capture him for interrogation. COOP: Eviction Notice - Lingorian communists push back government forces after resisting an attack on El Villion. The communists will have to push through the jungle bringing huge amounts of firepower to bare against the retreating government troops trying to use air assets to escape the area. TvT: Khe Sanh Panthera South - The RACS motorised troops push through layers of the SLA paratroopers held up in hastily erected defensive positions in the south. COOP: Sandblast - Soviet mechanised troops move in to Aliabad province in an attempt to remove the Mujahideen from the Zarbed Valley. JSM has continued with his BSU mod syncing client with some great results. We have now officially dropped support for Swifty, and only support our own tool due to all of our existing and newcomer members finding it a lot easier and quicker to use then the community tools out there. If any of the above interested you, please do check out our new and improoved website https://beowulfso.comand fill out a contact form to get stuck in! Cheers, Walker
  6. Benny has made us this great little vid as just a snapshot of what we do at Beowulf (The captures were taken from a single week of missions!) Just to give a run down on some of the missions featured in his video (in no particular order) COOP: Grad-tastic - ChDKZ insurgents fight their way to a CDF artillery base where they turn the weapons on their former owners. COOP: OP: Silver Xeon - British SF move in to capture an insurgent HVT. COOP: OP: Kamchatka - A Russian armoured push across Takistan clearing out insurgent strongholds. TvT: Shadow of Podagorsk - An OpFor sniper team setup to intercept and eliminate a HVT while BluFor must deliver him to each zone keeping him alive. TvT: Storage Wars: EXTREME - Two teams fight over an Altis container yard. We are very proud of our ability to continue to make intense, fun and very different missions which we constantly are able to delivery on a per session basis. We are yet to have a session at Beowulf since Jan'16 where we have not had a brand new mission (usually more then one) on the agenda. You'll also notice we like to mix it up with Co-op and Team Vs Team missions. Below is another taste of a Firefight to take a town in "OP: Pan Sear" where special forces are inserted into rebel held territory to find and destroy several weapon caches. Checkout the top post or beowulfso.com to find out how you can get involved with Beowulf Strategic Operations in ArmA 3.
  7. Another great couple of weeks for Beowulf, to the point where I forgot to post here?! We have just pushed another update to bring us in line with our bigger mods such as ACE and ALiVE as well as a couple other bits. The great news is we managed this update with 90% of our members using our in-house application "BSU" We also have some great new vids from one of our latest members BennySouthSt. Check out one of his recordings of a mission below. If you think you're up to it, fill out an application at beowulfso.com and come get stick in!
  8. WOW a fantastic couple of weeks for Beowulf! With a record number of applicants we have been slowly growing our player base and it is quickly making for some fantastic sessions! Our wider player base has opened up our mission makers ability to make some great missions utilising new and exciting assets such as light armour and fast air. Creating some intense scenarios with heart pumping fire fights and cinematic moments Michael Bay would be proud of! This week we launched some updates to our mod preset fixing a few bugs and bringing us in line with the release versions of big mods such as ACE and ALiVE. It was also a heavy focus for some new custom factions to be delivered to allow our mission makers to get to work continuing to deliver new exciting missions for every single session. Looking forward, we are now having to look at increasing our amount of weekly sessions to keep up with the demand for more ArmA!?! To try and stop our mission makers from having a heart attack from this increased demand, we are looking at delivering a top secret ALiVE project to allow for one night a week to be dedicated to a persistent story driven campaign... more details on that in the coming weeks! If you hadn't spotted it on Reddit, our resident propaganda expert Sambrak launched a new video from one of our recent missions on Lingor titled OP Urban Devil where we were organised into an SF task force to find and rescue a hostage being held by local rebels. To get involved with missions like Urban Devil and many more visit Beowulfso.com and put your application in! Walker, OUT
  9. After a Christmas break the new year brought a MASSIVE rework of our repo and mission framework to go along with a burst of new players which allows me to say that Beowulf is back and bigger then ever! With a regular stream of brand new and exciting missions from our members, we continue to play diverse and challenging scenarios making for some truly memorable moments that will be passed down in the hall of fame for years to come. While continuing this high standard for our sessions, we now aim to focus on getting the Beowulf name out there. Bringing in new players to join in our community sessions both on the battlefield in ArmA and in the other games our members come together to enjoy. Now with added UNITS page! https://units.arma3.com/unit/bso
  10. bso_walker

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    we've tried it with just single radios and with multiple. Its only when receiving from somebody else transmitting. The person transmitting has no noticeable drop.
  11. bso_walker

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Just tried another test running only CBA and ACRE2 on both clients and the dedi server. The player in question is getting a frame drop from about 100 in VR (it turns out he had vsync on) to around 60/70. While I get a drop from around 120 to 110/105. No idea whats going on =[
  12. bso_walker

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Some of the players in my community are having the same issue. I notice about 1-4 fps drop, nothing i would call an issue. However some with same mods that are signed on the dedi etc. are getting 10-20 frames dropped whenever someone transmits. The long range seems to effect this more too. One players vid evidence He has now created a issue on IDI's Git
  13. See above for details on Operation Glass Hammer taking place 6th Sept 2015. We invite players of any experience to join us for what we promise to be an entertaining evening in the world of tactical realism! Cheers, Walker
  14. We are NOT the same BSO ran by the youtuber/streamer, Luetin09. They only recruit selectively, and you will have no success trying to get in touch through here. BEOWULF STRATEGIC OPERATIONS - AN ARMA BASED GAMING COMMUNITY - https://beowulfso.com - WHO ARE BEOWULF? Beowulf Strategic Operations is an established gaming community, focused mainly on the ArmA III platform. Formed in the way, way back of twenty-twelve, Beowulf has been through a string of ups and downs before finally rising from it's ashes once more in late 2015. Under the watchful eye of our Admin team, Beowulf strives to provide tactical, realistic fun in a way that is both enjoyable and engaging for everybody involved. We don't have any of that boring 'rank system' or 'chain-of-command' hierarchies in effect (Outside of an established host team); we don't expect you to call people 'Sir' or 'Sergeant', but we do expect a certain degree of Tactical Realism from our members. - WHAT IS 'TACTICAL REALISM'? Tactical Realism is a concept coined from Beowulf's inception; at it's essence, we believe that a realistic core to a mission shouldn't be stymied by all of the baggage and drama that comes with a MilSim community. Ranks are all well and good, but it's not the attitude we're aiming for in our sessions, and it's certainly not the type of organisation we want to spend 6+ hours a week playing with. At the end of the day, we strive to make sure that every player (whether they are someone just dropping by once, or a regular player) has an enjoyable time with us. - CURRENT MODLIST: Our current repo runs to just over 20GB, and consists of the following addons; - Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) 3 - ALiVE for ArmA III - Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE) 2 - RHS: United States Armed Forces - RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Fed. - CUP Terrains - An array of other maps including; Podagorsk, Aliabad, Lingor, Duala, Panthera, Cinder City - HLC Weapon Packs - Theseus PMC - RobertHammer Weapons - 3CB British Pack - A collection of in-house configs and scripts - WANT TO GET INVOLVED? For more information regarding how to join Beowulf, or just how we operate as a unit, feel free to have a look at the following links; Beowulf Website - Our landing page, with slightly more information Beowulf Steam Group - Check out the regularly updated calendar for events and feel free to add the admins for a chat. Beowulf TeamSpeak (beowulfso.com) - Some members are always on TeamSpeak and more than happy to help you out, or find someone who can help you. Beowulf Strategic Operations/ BennySouthSt
  15. bso_walker

    ASR AI 3

    As Robalo says, this is most likely to do with the how the ammo is configured. I recently made an addon for our community which makes quite a lot of our AT weapons such as RPG7s usable by AI against infantry and aircraft. Since then our play sessions have become A LOT MORE INTERESTING with RPGs flying past helicopters and at light infantry in buildings. devastating, but watching my friends scream "RPG!!!!" every so often puts the fear of god into everyone... Keep up the good work Robalo, this is the the number one mod on our preset and without it, we wouldn't have half the fun and entertainment!