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  1. jsmuk

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    I had a similar issue a few months ago, and it was caused by the strangest issue. If the teamspeak channel is set to a certain codec (opus I think?) then that sound happens whenever someone talks. It confused us for a while as we were setting up babel and thought we had broken it. I was never able to confirm if it was ACRE or something we were doing but the issue went as soon as we changed codec. So that might be worth looking at.
  2. Its nice to see more ArmA mods becoming open source, IMO its better for everyone involved. I look forward to possibly contributing. However I have one possible concern / issue. I am not a lawyer so forgive me for possibly speaking out of turn (especially if you lot actually know better) but... surely by releasing it under the GPL you relinquish all rights to forbid people from monetizing it? I completely understand (and agree) with why you wish to do that but it seems to be in contradiction to my understanding of the GPL. My concern is that you might be powerless to actually stop people from doing so. I hope I am wrong mind you. That said, I look forward to seeing how ALiVE develops on from here, its already a pretty exciting and fun way to play ArmA and it can only get better.
  3. This is great and all, but what about us who do not have a mission cycle set up and load missions as and when they are to be played? The inability to force the difficulty settings is a really short sighted move on BI's behalf IMO. We cannot be the only group that has for years forced all difficulty options to the same to allow us not to have to worry when we start missions.
  4. Did you download it via PWS? They decided to put all the optional PBOs into the addons folder.
  5. Thank you ACE team for making IceBreakr get back to modding :o
  6. So question time I guess as its not 100% clear in the first post. Will we see "advanced" features from ACE2 like the mortars etc any time in the future?
  7. I can't believe no one noticed that. I even read that exact ticket in January (before the proper discussion)..
  8. Even though I have been expecting this for a good few months, its great news.
  9. jsmuk

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Its the version that doesn't require TS.
  10. I have quickly searched this thread and I could not find anything about this so my apologizes if it has been mentioned. Is there a way to save items (other than vehicles / boxes) spawned with Zeus? I seem to recall that in ArmA2 with MSO there was a command you could run on things spawned by MCC to save them, is there anything like this for ALiVE?
  11. New content in VBS3 is (from my experience) exactly the same as older content (animations, controls, features etc) apart from the fact it looks better. It still appears to have a lot of the older issues that we got away from after ArmA1/2. I think I may have come across wrong in my first post though (that'll teach me to write posts at 4 in the morning). However I still stand by my initial point, if ArmA was on the exact version of RV as VBS3 is then people would not enjoy it at all. Now a hypothetical combination of both engine versions would be great..
  12. The engine is geared towards that content, it has the same clunky problems that plagued ArmA 1. All of the nice content in the world wont get over that (there is ArmA 2 / 3 content in VBS3 yet it still feels just as bad as A1 did).
  13. You really do not want that. Unless you love ArmA 1 era graphics and physics (and bugs) and features which would destroy gameplay. Edit: Admittedly a lot of the newer content looks impressive, but the majority of it is pretty old stuff.
  14. jsmuk

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    I wouldn't normally post something this off topic but if it really is this mod used in that first screenshot then the maker should contact IPSO (the independent press standards org) which is the watchdog for newspapers in the UK and lodge a complaint. The way the article is written seems to sound like defamation or libel.
  15. jsmuk

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Ah okay, that seems a sensible way of getting access to the information. Looking forward to more features to the API, with what you have added already is making some interesting (for me anyway) things possible.