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  1. headshot101588

    Help with script

    I checked and it this did work. Thank you @GREGOR_FLOROS, the script you posted on my other thread combined with the thing I wrote above worked
  2. headshot101588

    How to place objects with class name

    This works only it says there is an error on line three: Error invalid number in expression
  3. headshot101588

    Help with script

    I wrote this: onEachFrame { hintSilent (typeOf cursorObject) }; and it seems to work, or is it returning something else?
  4. headshot101588

    Help with script

    the same with this script
  5. headshot101588

    Help with script

    Error invalid number in expression
  6. headshot101588

    Help with script

    was I supposed to put this command in the init.sqf or some other .sqf file?
  7. headshot101588

    How to place objects with class name

    Its a certain building from the map Celle 2, the good people 😄 on the scripting form helped me out finding the class name: the full string that was returned [["mbg_comapnybuilding_1.p3d","mbg\mbg_celle2_objects\mbg_companybuilding_1.p3d",true],"Land_companybuilding_1"]
  8. I've found the class name for an object I want to place the only problem is that it's not showing up in Eden. I've found the class name and tried to search for it in Eden's search but nothing showed up.
  9. headshot101588

    Help with script

    It gave me an error but after I took a look at the documentation I found that changing it to "onEachFrame {hintSilent str [getModelInfo cursorObject, typeOf cursorObject]};" did the trick I'm pretty sure.
  10. headshot101588

    Help with script

    I'm trying to find a specific house model, I put a unit(which is the player) next to that house, and on load, I'm hoping to find the class name so that later I could find it in Eden or something.
  11. headshot101588

    Help with script

    for some reason it says its missing a semicolon and I have no idea why
  12. headshot101588

    Help with script

    So? _objects = nearestObjects [player, [] , 5]; { hint _x; sleep 5; } forEach typeof _objects;
  13. I'm trying to find a building object on a certain map that I want to copy for my mission, this is the script that I'm trying to use and it isn't working. appreciate the help. _objects = nearestObject [player, [] , 5]; { hint _x; sleep 5; } forEach _objects;
  14. headshot101588

    Custom premade loadout selector

    Oh thanks you very much :D
  15. Ok so for my missions I want all my unit members to be able to select premade loadout that I made depending on the role they want to play, I cant figure out how to do it. My idea was: There is the scroll menu (the different options that you have for actions in the scroll menu ), and somehow in the attributes of an ammo box there would be a script containing custom loadouts that I premade, and when someone would to check the different options of the ammo box there with the scroll menu there would be different roles that contain different loadouts. If any body could help me that we be amazing, if you didn't understand my question let me know ill try to be more understandable.