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  1. Arma 3 modmaker's family Mods: Em_buildings
  2. Hi. Is it planned to add the possibility of creating RscControlsGroup type?
  3. Hi dude. Thanks for sharing. Idea is interesting, but it most be usefull, if your tool will being like dll.
  4. Hi. I have problem with static animation. Why in O2 it looks: But in game: What the problem?
  5. Hey. I'm trying to make a custom animation of hands. That's how it looks in the O2 That's how it looks in the game What is the problem?
  6. DrSova

    handAnim again

    I mean, that i have really deleted bone "weapon" in blender rig. When I did this, I understood that position of the hands of the model relative to the bone "weapon" in the blender rig. But why? I'm confused. Can you make a right basic example with the hands for weapon?
  7. Hello. I did the animation with tutorial: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Bones But RTM cant be exported. Сould you help me?
  8. DrSova

    handAnim again

    Any ideas?
  9. DrSova

    handAnim again

    Hm, okay, I deleted weapon's bone, created animation and now, in game I have this
  10. DrSova

    handAnim again

    Oh, I see, it simple to use. Thank you
  11. DrSova

    handAnim again

    do you have any tutorials with this toolbox?
  12. DrSova

    handAnim again

    okay, thanks for answer. But I have new question for you. I downloaded armA Rig Blender 1.6. I created new animation, pressed "Export", checked "Root Translation Only", saved. But when I import into O2, it gives me error "Integer is ot of range: line 5". As far as I understand, compares previous .blend files, I have a problem with ROOT __0, because in previous files, instead __0 was @Control_Master. You have never met this problem?