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    • Answering my own question: you did that because you have one texture for oefcp one for ucp but you don't need that, when texture with color alpha (transparent background) works fine, just tested it, and saves you the trouble of having to prepare two textures for players. Aso I've modified the script again. The uniform with nametag space has a selection called "identity", the following will work with all uniforms having a selection "identity" if rhs keeps this structure it will be compatible with all the uniforms that support it. This has been tested and works:
        //in initplayerLocal.sqf TAG_fnc_playerData ={ params ["_player"]; private _UIDsTexts = [ ["SOMEPLAYERUID","PATHTOCORRESPONDINGTEXT"], ["SOMEOTHERPLAYERUID","SOMEOTHERPATHTOTEXT"] //etc ]; private _return = []; { if (getPlayerUID _player == (_x select 0)) then {_return =_x}; }forEach _UIDsTexts; _return }; TAG_fnc_setNameTag = { params ["_player"]; private _data = [_player] call TAG_fnc_playerData; if (_data isEqualTo []) exitWith {diag_log format ["Player %1 not listed",name _player],false}; if ("identity" in (selectionNames _player)) then { _player setObjectTextureGlobal [3,(_data select 1)]; }; true }; //------ [player] call TAG_fnc_setNameTag; ["ace_arsenal_displayClosed", { [player] call TAG_fnc_setNameTag; }] call CBA_fnc_addEventHandler;  
    • Something in your game files seems to be corrupted, but if you reinstalled the game then that should not be the case.   Can you get me that file too?
    • Leopard, can you give some advice how to use you HC features?   3. High Command functions: Recruiting + dismissing AI Creating support groups from your own units (e.g. CAS, Artillary, etc.) Monitoring squad units. Selecting squad leader.   For some reason STRG+Space doesn’t do anything. I also tried it while the map is open and and the waypoint map is up but it doesn’t work. 
        Also what does „monitoring squad units mean“?   Thank you for your help rainbow
    • Hi Kuljack, Your description of players being coordinated certainly explains my experience. Makes perfect sense. There was no way the outlander' who used the signal locator could have got to me in the time available, but if he told someone in the vicinity where I was, then bingo. Will adapt my tactics to try and counter.
    • Oh, funktioniert das denn bei uns?