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    • Alright here is a changelog of a new version currently being tested internally.
      PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT NOT ALL OF THESE CHANGES HAVE TO MAKE IT INTO STABLE IF WE FIND OUT A PROBLEM RELATED TO SOME OF THEM   [PUBLIC]Changed: Warlords - Airdrop on player's location is now much more expensive
      [PUBLIC]Added: Warlords - Players now have the ability to get rid of their purchased vehicles via Action menu
      [PUBLIC]Changed: Warlords - Individual players can not have more than 20 active assets at a time (this includes vehicles, aircraft, ships, static defences and ammoboxes). Infantry limits remain the same.
      [PUBLIC]Fixed: Warlords - Players can now dismiss even AI subordinates that they already had in their group when joining to the game
      [PUBLIC]Fixed: Warlords - Players no longer retain the waypoints assigned to their group prior to joining the game
      [PUBLIC]Added: Warlords - Team killing penalty. For every 3 friendly kills, players suffer a 60 seconds black screen without the ability to use weapons followed by a forced respawn. This persists through disconnecting and reconnecting to a server.
      [PUBLIC]Changed: Warlords - Sector scan cost raised to 350 CP
      [PUBLIC]Fixed: Warlords - Warlords would not start properly on maps with unusually defined runways
      [PUBLIC]Fixed: Warlords - Planes should zero in on their approach vectors more quickly
      [PUBLIC]Changed: Warlords - Static weapons and ammoboxes are now deleted after a substantial timeout (3 times normal vehicle time removal timeout)
      [PUBLIC]Changed: Warlords - Destroyed vehicles are now deleted much sooner
      [PUBLIC]Changed: Warlords - A sector with an unusable airstrip was removed from the Whole Altis scenario
      [PUBLIC]Changed: Warlords - Molos airfield sector has now lower CP income and is more heavily defended
      [PUBLIC]Changed: Warlords - Additional assets added to the Request tables, some asset costs tweaked as well
    • Cehc the integrity of your files in Steam library, arma3, properties, local files.
    • Are you looking for this?  https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/allowCrewInImmobile   Otherwise just lock the vehicle, that disables ejection as well. 
    • Could you share a video in which it's happening because I haven't personally noticed anything out of the ordinary yet.