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    • Squad is a fun game however its suppression system is a simplification that relies too much on screen blur and vignette. Vignettes and "color correction" ruins the visuals of a game. And in Reforger players will spend a lot of time in firefights with bullets whizzing by.

      So the better way to do suppression is:

      Copy Red Orchestra 2 suppression (the part with the aim twitch).

      In RO2 when a bullet whizzes past the left of a character, that character's camera view is genty swayed a minimal amount towards the bullet after it passes. It feels like a gentle but firm push on the shoulder pushing it back. It is a very short effect and it just is enough to throw off the character's aim.   That would be better than copying what squad has. Because Reforger is good because it avoided a lot of what squad does.
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    • So I am thinking it has to be a server issue at this point. Maybe something about it being on a Linux Server is causing issues, I dont know.


      At least in this mission I can see the Stop Action....
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    • Hi !  
      Yes it happens often it's a shame, I advise you to play solo/lone wolf against teams to find yourself facing groups of players.    The difficulty is certainly increased but it is approximate because the appearances of the players take place in larger spaces and the players are often on the move so you can take them by surprise if you are alone, you will almost never come across this type of cheater in front of you the camera gave information in this game mode. 
      Otherwise in solo you can also go see the player profiles in the lounge to already have a view of the players' countries, when you come across 2 players who have the same language and the same outfit often visible (bright color / flash) this it’s no coincidence that they play together.