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    • BUY/OBTAIN GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, GED, USMLE, PSAT, LSAT, MCAT in SPAIN, ITALY, KUWAIT, BANGLADESH, CANADA, GERMANY, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, OMAN, SAUDI ARABIA, PAKISTAN, AUSTRAL, DUBAI, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, PANAMA,  UKRAINE AND OTHERS COUNTRIES... Skype ID:(globaldocument82@gmail.com) TOEFL Test Test of English as a Foreign Language. Many Universities and colleges around the world use it's score to judge test taker's English skills.
      IELTS International English Language Testing System. It's very similar to TOEFL. It's popular in UK, Australia & Canada. It's score is also used for immigration purposes (in some countries)
      IELTS vs TOEFL
      SAT Test It's used in US to check student's readiness for college (BS degree)
      GRE Test Graduate Record Examination. It's used to get admission to MS and PhD programs. It's very popular in US and Canada.
      GMAT Test Used to get admission to MBA programs.
      ACT Test Is a test for high school achievement and college admissions in the US. It's gaining popularity and competitor of SAT.
      LSAT Test LSAT score is used to get admission to Law schools. It measures reading and verbal reasoning skills which law schools can use to assess applicants.
      USMLE Test The United States Medical Licensing Examination.
      MCAT Test The Medical College Admission Test assess problem solving, critical thinking, and science concepts and principles which are prerequisite to the study of medicine in USA.
      PSAT Test The Preliminary SAT(PSAT). Used to grant scholarship.
      GED Test General Educational Development Test.
      TOEIC Test of English for International Communication, It's score is used to show communication skills in professional environment.
      TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion In a bid to offer an opportunity to adults interested in completing a high school diploma.
      ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test
      FCE is an exam offered by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations in England.
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    • I would say that the game needs to be completely restarted more often than every couple of hours. I could live with this, but you know, when you take 15-20 minutes to get inside the village bypassing/avoiding armor and infantry, by crawling all the way and hiding in the bushes and behind trees/rocks and once you've reached the objective, you have to restart the game, instead of fighting (which makes all your efforts and time spent - useless), because the FPS goes all the way down to <25 and you can't respond quickly enough to threats in CQB, it breaks entirely the gameplay.   And also restarting the server several times a day in the middle of the mission/gameplay (despite 2 HCs) does not appeal to no players.
    • Hello there!  Ever since I bought Arma 3 many years ago I have fallen in love with the game. As of the recent DLC Tanks, I’m sure you all have been given a ton of flak for some of the decisions made but I would like to voice my concern as well and give some light on what the players are saying. As you know, in the past Public Zeus has been extremely popular up until the update which has removed the much loved debug console. I understand the reason for its removal was because of abuse from players but the advantages far outweigh the liabilities. Many of us, myself included, are very familiar with the console commands and most of us use the console to make the missions so much more immersive as the game was meant for. The console allows the Zeus and the admin to work together to make some of the most amazing missions I have ever been apart of. Again, the abuse of the console was a serious issue. However, Most of the bans that players received were due to those players ruining the mission for everyone else. Additionally the server bans that I issued were only for players who were being ugly to everyone else and again sabotaging the mission for no reason. Despite the fact it was a server ban, regardless of the commands issued through the console, once the mission was restarted, all console effects, no matter what they consisted of, were lifted and deleted, making the server brand new again. I am mostly composing this message to ask you all to bring the console back to us as the public Zeus servers are now desolate without it. Additionally now that the console is gone, there is now way to remove players apart from the kick feature given to the admin which still allows them to return as much as they want. This became a major issue when the offending players continued joining back non-stop and eventually ruining the mission weather it be join under a different name to disguise themselves or just joining so many times the admin was through dealing with it. Players who are just there to ruin missions are a major issue for us and the console allows us to deal with them and keep the mission fun for everyone else who is just here to play the game. I ask that you take my post into consideration and return the console to us so we can make public Zeus a fantastic mission making game mode that it used to be!

      Loyal Arma 3 Player
    • Hello today i write here because i need help with scripts. I want a character to speak. I have created the "description.ext" file with this:   class CfgSounds
          //List of sounds (.ogg files without .ogg extension)
          sounds[]  = {msj1};
          //Definition for each mission editor
          class msj1    
              name = "mensaje 1"; // Name for mission editor
              sound[] = {\SonidosRadio\audio1.ogg};
              titles[] = {};
      };   to activate the unit say the sound, i use a trigger with : "  On Act: a1 say "msj1";  "   but the problem is when i am in the game and the trigger is activated the unit doesnt say the sound    If anyone can help me i would be very grateful
    • Oh crap I didn't know that! Thanks so much :)