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Small Co-ops with Revive/Respawn & Addons

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Hi. I'm going to start with a disclaimer of sorts.

I'm a rookie at playing and editing here, so if these aren't up to professional standards, please cut me some slack. I'm simply trying to make the kind of missions that I wanted to play, and to share them with others. And I'm more focused on whatever I find 'fun', than pure realism.

This game doesn't work like the ones I'm used to, so I'm still confused about addon requirements, client-side vs. server side, which I have to list and which I don't, and lots more.

For example, I use plenty of mods when I play/edit/test, things like SenWeapons, SakuSun, the HDR mod, and that kickass JDT fire and smoke thing..., but they aren't all listed in the Addons part of my missions.sqm's, so I'm thinking they won't be required by folks who download. But.. ya know.. I'm learning here.

Also, I realize some folks are opposed to downloading missions that have required addons, but that's just not me. I've been associated with a mod team for years now (in Q2 & UT series), so I'm very keen on using custom made content, and I have no intention of restricting myself to the vanilla game. If I see a mod I like, I'm going to use it, and be happy.

Anyway, I have two so far, but I've only been able to test them on my own.

**************** Mission 1

The first one is the smaller of the two, and it's called Porto Sweep. 1 to 5 players.

Porto Sweep

This mission is very basic. The idea is to infiltrate a terrorist training camp, eliminate their leader, and destroy their communications tower.

I like to include 'fun' respawn points, that have vehicles to take you back to the action (obviously you don't have to use them). The respawn_west point in Porto has some motorcycles available.

**************** Mission 2

The second one is slightly larger, and is called Midday Raid. 1 to 8 players.

Midday Raid

Your mission here is to raid an airfield and a neighboring town in Sahrani, in order to assassinate two officers and destroy an Anti-Aircraft radar.

Here's the respawn_west point in Midday Raid;


So ya know, rush back to the battle in a farm tractor if you want.


Additional credits for both;

Urban Patrol Script by Kronzky

Respawn / Revive script by Norrin

I also used the EditorUpdate, by Jon-C5. Not sure how that works though, whether or not you'll be forced to download it just to play this mission. (?? Questions like that are what I'm hoping to get help with.)

And I have gotten a LOT of help off of the internet just to get this far. Basically, if you've answered a question on the forums about mission editing, I probably owe you a thanks. So, thanks.


Finally - I live in Ohio, and if there's another rookie-level player(s) in my area that would like to hook-up for some casual coop (revive/respawn) games, maybe help test a new mission once in awhile, please let me know.

Guess that's it for now, thanks for reading.


Armaholic mirror:

- Porto Sweep Co-05

- Midday Raid Co-08

Required addons

- CAA1 project

- Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps

- Little Birds

- MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon (Porto Sweep only)

Edited by R.Flagg
Armaholic mirrors

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If you want to be on the safe side, never save/preview a mission when you have active addons if you don't want them to be required for the mission.

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Those pesky drug dealers are causing trouble. Time for action on the island of Panthera.

Drugs Are Bad, Mkay


"Most of the island is under control of the enemy military, and we are not officially at war with them. However, southern portions of the island are being run by a drug lord and his gangsters (along with some of the enemy military they are paying for additional protection).

The drugs they are creating and bringing into our country have created an ugly political situation for our President, and so we have been sent in to eliminate the problem. Our goals are to kill the drug lord and his chief chemist, plus destroy the drug lab and storage facilities."

It's a small-ish, casual coop, 1-5 players. If you're playing solo like I usually do, just make sure you choose the teamleader slot.

The respawn_west spot includes a few choppers, and a boat. Again, just for fun, ignore them if you want.

Required Addons;

Island Panthera by IceBreakr

Desert Mercenaries and BlackOps by SchnapsdroSel

Civy Car Pack by NZDF CRASH

scripts used;

Respawn / Revive script by Norrin

Urban Patrol Script by Kronzky

Random House Patrol by Tophe

Recommended Addons;

JTD Fire and smoke by JTD team

Download @ File Factory

co05@Drugs Are Bad, Mkay

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