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  1. Anddos

    New Chernarus Perspective?

    I think its DayZ for tablets where you can control the zombies on the server, the same kind of idea they did for watchdogs to control traffic lights etc, this is the only thing i could think of that would be a free download
  2. Anddos

    Stratis-RP: Ultimate

    Everyone will start off as immigrants to Stratis (spawning at the docks of Agia Marina) From then on, their actions will reflect their place in society. If the player chooses to become a cop, they will do so; if they want to be a farmer, they can. Freedom will prevalent throughout the mission, allowing the players to change their occupations on the fly. I just starting playing this mod and i don't know how to select what class i want to play as,I am just running around with no money unsure what to do :(
  3. Anddos

    [PvP] GunGame --- Fast Paced TDM!

    whats the server ip
  4. has any servers updated yet? ---------- Post added at 08:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:10 PM ---------- has the six updater updated these then?
  5. Anddos

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    28 and not liking this getting old thing..
  6. is this for arma 2 or arma 2 oa
  7. Anddos

    cant join CTI gamemode servers

    isnt it an addon i need?
  8. Anddos

    cant join CTI gamemode servers

    here is a screenshot of what i see
  9. when i try connect to a CTI server, i always get disconnected with some message at the bottom?, why is this?
  10. Exellent work, if civs came running out the houses when they realise they have no power that would be funny or terriost realise they dont have power to operatae missiles and weapons etc..
  11. Anddos

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    This would be cool if a downloader was added so it downloads the addons and places them where they should go...
  12. looks great , can't wait for release
  13. Anddos

    The Undead Mod

    yeh but i see a server up thats 5/5 atm, if it's only allowed to be loaded in the editor why are people playing in multiplayer?
  14. Anddos

    The Undead Mod

    hey ive added the .pbo files to addon's how do i select to play this mod in single player?
  15. Well most of those servers are emtpy so it's no fun airlifting no body because there is no one connected, so bis fucked up here