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This Addon improves the TOW and AT5 weapons.

- Unlimited manual control range for TOW and AT5 missiles (no more 1500m Crazy-TOW-Bug).

- Reduced missile smoke.

- Clear Optik for all TOW and AT5 weapons.

- Higher zoom for gunner Optics.

- On our server every T72 is equipped with AT5s. Therefore this Addon works also with AT5s on T72s.

This Addon is client side only.


- Armed Assault 1.14.

- Extended Event Handlers (XEH) by Solus and Killswitch v1.7

Knowing bugs:

Smoke for all missiles and rockets reduced (There is only one missile/rocket smoke effekt in ArmA).

YouTube Video

GDTModTOW (45 kB)

ArmedAssault.info Mirror

Armaholic mirror

ePrison.de mirror

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Hey i get an error when using this and for some reason the Optic of the TOW/AT5 have pitch black around the circle and the circle has pixelated edges

Will make a screenshot

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