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  1. layne_suhr

    (@) CO30 USMC Domination A.C.E

    Yeah sure i will start working on it ASAP
  2. This version of domination uses the ACE mod and only USMC equipment but otherwise is the same as the default ACE Domination. Required Addons: A.C.E Mod             A.C.E Mod Patch 1.01 Known Issues: UH-60 is used because there isn't a UH-1Y, CH-53 or CH-56 to use Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharek....0b77f3a
  3. layne_suhr

    XAM Domination! V3.6

    Hello, I have created a new version of XAM Domination!.. it is now Version 3.6 and is edited from Domination! West 3.12 Beta7 by Xeno. Download: Mirror 1 All versions require XAM 1.6 (Any Beta) RACS version requires Queens Gambit Features: -All of the Domination! original features -Enemy now has MI-24V Hinds and T-90 tanks -Full XAM 1.6 integration -A hidden SCUD in the northern part of Sahrani for ultimate domination -F-16C Fighting Falcons at the airbase (For both versions) -A-10 with Cluster Bombs in West version -Desert painted vehicles -UAV console in Stryker at base to fly a RQ-1 Predator with -HD weapons -MARPAT Uniforms for Alpha and Bravo squad -ACU Uniform for Charlie & Delta squads and Artillery Operators -New weapons such as M4 EoTech, Desert Eagle and much more -Uses XAM 1.6s improved AI system -Randomly spawning civilians -and many others Credits: Xeno - Original creator of Domination! Snake2200 - Creator of Xtreme Arma Mod
  4. layne_suhr

    RTM animation kit for Maya

    Does this mean we can fix up animations with Bullpup design weapons and Weapon mounted grenade launchers such as M203
  5. layne_suhr

    Handy Tools new releases WIP

    Nice work mate, sounds like something very easy to use
  6. layne_suhr

    Handy Tools new releases WIP

    looks sweet.. any pics of UH-60 insertion??? Do you have to put in extra codes to change the position of the ropes (like UH-60 has different parts to where the rope is attached than UH-1)
  7. layne_suhr

    CSM Betav2 Released!!

    Mine is the international version (i bought it from eBay)
  8. layne_suhr

    CSM Betav2 Released!!

    Cons: M16A4 with ACOG has default sounds A-10 needs a lil improvement in the engine roar/grunt, needs more of that whine sound it makes. It would be cool if you were able to get the harriers a proper fly-by sound like in XAM 1.5:1 Pro's: M203 sounds are awesome! I love your reloading sounds, they are very unique... Same with your grenade pin The Choppers sound really cool
  9. Arn't R700's basically M24's???
  10. layne_suhr

    CSM Betav2 Released!!

    i noticed that too ^^^
  11. layne_suhr

    Would Arma Run on a....

    My laptop has the same AMD Turion x2 with 1GB RAM and nVidia GeForce 6150 card... runs arma pretty good
  12. What about shooting a javelin of the side of a MH-6 toasted bird anyone??
  13. layne_suhr

    Throttle & Afterburner control in planes

    I completely 100% agree with this!
  14. layne_suhr

    ArmA Addon request thread

    I think it would be cool to see a terrain (or island/terrain with coastline (much like ArmA 2)) that is similair to Somalia, Mogadishu. It would be great for MOUT ops and Joint Ops. I also have plans to make many missions involving BHD scenarios and training style missions on a island such as this. Would make great use of African militia and Recoilless Rifle mounted on jeeps etc...
  15. layne_suhr

    (CO-30) Domination! XAM

    I don't know whats happening with the Arty officers... i will be starting from scratch soon as i might of corrupted a script or syntax of some kind when i was editing the mission... i thought i lowered the ammo box enough but it seems not... how do i edit the ammo box so it never over flows???