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  1. Hello, Could you explain what effect is activated on different level of PostFx Graphic option in ArmA 2 (Non OA,). For OA i Found ARMA 2 OA: Post Process Settings Decoded. What the differences between, what effect each activated it : Disable Low High Very High Thx in Advance, Best Regards, ExA
  2. Hello, I've no hope for an answer but i try. I've be able to do work ACE (ArmA I) with Patch 1.18 (i'll try all version and my question is the same cause it's not a pb of version) You do a better ArmA in many Way and the most for me is the health system. But this system required equipment like bandages .... I think you don't have do it but in case i'm wrong, why no official mission, campaign have this medical equipment by default and so it's unplayable. Just another thing (and in all version of ArmA) there are a bug (Error message appears) in the ArmA first campaign in Dolores Mission. The mission you must bomb and destroy a bridge, kill tank and after assist troop to contain enemies a little more far. Please help, ExA
  3. Hello, I'm surprise i've buy on steam the ArmA 2 (OA) and after an full install of all product (Correct install (and not so easy ;) ) i've no french language problem else on Private Company but it's indicated in steam only english so ... but Army of the Czech Republic DLC is also in english and this time Steam indicate that french is supported. Someone could help me ? Thx in davance ExA
  4. Exaercase

    WARMOD release

    Hello, First a big big thanks for your admirable work. Else a Question what is the Last ArmA Patch that we Could use (V1.14 or more ???). Now my Main Question : I just want to ask you if you have in your project to improve the completely stupid OFP/ArmA/ArmA II AFV system. No AFV have Life point .... it's not the number of shot for itself that kill an AFV/dammage part of an AFV but different factor (the shell AP/HE/HEAT/....., in function of the shell the Distance, The penetration, the type of Armor material etc ..., the location of hit (could just immobilize AFV, shock, stun crew, wound crew, kill crew, damaged motor, turret rotation, one or another armament etc ...). An OFP (The First) Complete MOD on WWII in side German/Russian have do this job in time of OFP so it's possible i 'think. Thanks again for your job :) See you ExA
  5. Exaercase

    JTD Smoke Effects MP Beta 5

    Hello, Yes i've the DMSmokeEffects_config.hpp in the Dta Folder. thx regardless
  6. Exaercase

    JTD Smoke Effects MP Beta 5

    Sorry again, I've a bug, when i throw a Smoke grenade a lillte after i have this error message : No Entry 'bin\Config.bin/CfgModels.default' Someone could help me ? Thx ExA
  7. Exaercase

    JTD Smoke Effects MP Beta 5

    Hello, Sorry but i'm french what is DAC Smoke grenade in the extra contenant. thx, ExA
  8. Hello, I'm trying all your config, and i have a question about : "GDTModTOW". In my test the AI fire only in straigth line. I'm wrong ? Thx ExA.
  9. Exaercase


    Hello, After many try it seem that AI fire only in straigth line. No ? Thx, ExA
  10. Exaercase

    Cartridge Addon

    Hello, I'm ready to do myself the Static M2 Cartige but do you have adress of a good tutorial to help me ? Thx, ExA.
  11. Exaercase


    Hello, I've found how to use the follow method (easy you could say :d) but i don't realy understand how to use the laser-designator method. Someone could help me
  12. Exaercase

    Cartridge Addon

    More info On sand ground M4A1 Rifle work i have cartige on ground. AH1Z chopper also work. But M2 don't eject enay cartige (None at all). Idea?
  13. Exaercase

    Cartridge Addon

    Hello, soory if i don't understand all of your question but my english is very bad. So i place in an independant Folder Names @MBG\Addons and i put inside : mbg_cartridges.pbo Extended_Eventhandlers.pbo mbg_cartridges.pbo.MBG.bisign Extended_Eventhandlers.pbo.SLX_XEH2.bisign (For info XEH = V1.9) My shortcut is : "......(My path to ArmA)\ArmA.exe" -NoSplash -Mod=@MBG For the Main Addons folder i've just install the game a put nothing in it. Hope you could help
  14. Hello, For RPG i see perfectly what that change, but for the M134 i see no difference, someoe could explain what i've not see ? Â Secondly how use the very high back ironsigth of the RPG what is it utility ? More generaly how use this addon please (i'm not a military ) Thx in advance, ExA
  15. Exaercase

    Cartridge Addon

    Hello, The same for me i've ExEHandler and The mod And only that to test and nothing appear no case ... Someone could help ? ExA