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Huge Mission pack 38 ctf/dm/c&h/co & more!

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Made this pack because mi sick of looking for good missions on servers with just default ones and mi anal about names 

Thank you All to who made they and sorry if i did not ask to edit them 

21 C&H maps

13 Co maps

5 CTF maps

6 DM maps

1 S&D maps

1 Seige maps

2 TDM maps

2 a&d maps

2 s&d maps

Original Bezerk Maps & RTS

[A&D] (26) Hotel Minor

[A&D] (27) Desert Ambush

[A&D] (64) Paradise Lost V1.09 -Imp-

[A&S] (64) Corazol -karr-

[C&H] (20) STRIKEv1.21

[C&H] (32) Paraiso -karr-

[C&H] (32) WarGames_OG v2 -{MOD}-

[C&H] (40) BloodySky v1

[C&H] (50) Trident

[C&H] (54) Platoon.Sara

[C&H] (200) Battle For Corazol v2

[Co] (04) NightShift

[Co] (4) NightShift

[Co] (6) assault-day v2

[Co] (14) Commanding-Battle

[Co] (14) SerialKiller2007

[Co] (20) HOMEBOUND Beta2

[Co] (20) Island Thunder v1

[Co] (20) Virus Beginning v1k.

[Co] (24) Ambush In Ortega

[Co] (24) Royal Rescue v13.

[Co] (28) Island Takeover V2 -BDA-

[Co] (30) AirCavalry v2.02

[Co] (30) TheBigBattle v2m

[Co] (32) Regime Change v1.1

[Co] (34) Ramadi Airport

[Co] (35) Urban Engagements v1.2

[Co] (42) Blue Ortego USM

[Co] (42) USM Over the Crest

[Co] (44) AirCavOnslaught EAST v2

[Co] (44) AirCavOnslaught v270Semk2

[Co] (48) Uphill Battle v0.5 -Solom-

[Co] (56) AirCavOnslaught v2.16

[CTF] (16) Tequila Sunset -RN-

[CTF] (20) CastleKeep v2 -{MOD}-

[CTF] (20) Corridor v1

[CTF] (20) ThE JuNkYaRD -MeTHoD-

[CTF] (32) Cayotiberia -karr-

[CTF] (40) OW Hexenkessel v1.06

[DM] (10) vodka v1.10 -MCY-

[DM] (24) RoadRage v1 -celery-

[DM] (25) Panzers

[DM] (28) Gunship v15

[DM] (40) Motel v1 -Celery-

[E&E] (64) Royal Evacuation -Imp-

[RTS] (20) Wine Wars v1.02

[RTS] (64) North-South -karr-

[s&D] (19) Colonels Escape

[s&D] (64) Convoy II 1.07 -Imp-

[TDM] (24) map.intro

[TDM] (40) PUSH Catastrophe v1

[TDM] (64) BootCamp.

see u in the game  

bugs on -bda- ones please post


-RLD- -HTD- -DEV- -unl- http://www.usaupload.net/d/1f2awpl2jk1 MISSION {PacK} v1.03

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I think you should have just left the mission names alone, or at least not add brackets there because they make reading harder and hurt the server admin's eyes.

I don't see what's wrong with DM 24 Road Rage v1.00 when the alternative is [DM] (24) RoadRage v1 -celery-

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Multiplayer Map Filename Convention


Filename Template

Example of some filenames

Quote[/b] ]

ctf 24 riverdance v1

ctf@ 32 armourgheddon beta 1.1

c&h 30 one road v2

tdm 12 deathvalley beta 1.6

c&h@ 24 deliverence v1

c&h 24 efl malden v1

******** Subgroups ********

The filename has been split up into the following subgroups


ctf 10 tigerland v1

= ctf 10 tigerland v1

******** MAP TYPE ********

The following abbreviations are to be used

Quote[/b] ]

a&d - (Attack & defend)

co - (Cooperative)

combi - (Combination of c&h and ctf

ctf - (Capture the Flag)

ctfr - (Reverse capture the flag)

c&h - (Capture and hold)

cti - (Capture the island )(Combination of rts and c&h)

rc - (Race)

sc - (Sector Control)

tdm - (Team Deathmatch)

dm - (Death Match)

ff - (Flagfight)

tff - (Team Flag Fight)

e&e - (Escape & Evasion)

rts - (Real Time Strategy)

misc - (Miscellaneous) not belonging to a map type)


If the map uses any addons at all, in addition to the BIS standard addons that came with the various patches, the Tag "@" is to be attached to the end of the maptype abbreviation

Quote[/b] ]

eg ctf@

eg c&h@

eg co@

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Merely to clarify the above post, capital letters and such can be used in the actual mission name to appear decent in the browser and briefing. It's recommended to write the file name with small letters and underscores in place of spaces.

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Well bis does not evan follow that ie MP09CaptureTheFlag3

or EvolutionV1.5a and people who leave out the underscore or mission makers who put in !@#$%^&*()_+=<.'; at the Beging of the mission to to get it at the top of the list its realy not hard to read when you look at the MP sceen just in Text it is anyways im not renameing em took me over 3 weeks to find em all 2 houres or so to rename em 6h to test em more or less but alot of missions makers dont evan follow the Name format guide and i rather have em with Brackets and whatever els Underscores are Onley realy needed when editing the mission and saveing a new one then it cerates a new sqm file with % int hem but thats good becuse u have a backup if u mastakely do something wrong. Alot of popular ones dont evan have a name format system


wine wars 1.00


crcti_0.93 has no mission name just type and ver but it is Crcti

some poeple combine typeandnumber if i want a CTF i will look for ctf ont he list when u got 60-80 missions on a server its nice to have em neet

When was the last time u looked at a server list and it was neer perfect to a standerd?

i made this for New Hosters and set a example to get a Format right 4 once evan if it is wrong

half the time when u go in a server u just get mission names and GOod Missions go unnoticed

RANT RANT RANT RANT  banghead.gif

+ People already have dl this pack so il come out with a new one maby again or not depends if im gonna get Griefed about names again Dam can i get a TY? goodnight.gif

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RANT RANT RANT RANT banghead.gif

Don't get excited please, it's just normal comments & critique that every author should read and consider. The main point is that there is a real standard for mission names and although the maps you mentioned don't follow them, it's not reason enough to get back at them with an equally hard to read solution when there already is an easier one. If you converted mission names to the actual standard for maps that don't follow it, I'm sure many server admins would thank you should you release such collections.

If you're going to edit the names to match the standard, you should leave capitalisation, spaces and version numbers like they originally were. Why have RoadRage v1 when you can have Road Rage v1.00 which is the real name and version of the mission.

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Next week or two im comeing out with a Pack for smaller servers 1-20 people most of thoes mission on the Pack are 20-60 players. my main goal in doing this is to get off the Evo/Berzerk Grind and give players/admins more options for great maps! im not the publisher of any of theys but i modified a few. so its kinda like the Best pics of ARMA.

and in the new one will be a reformat the name system to be [ctf] players with _ in the next one sorey i was a jerk just tired last night.

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thare wher alot of erros in sevral missions in the discrption.ext i found out theys errors by opeing up my arma.rpt file

Fix Log for ver 1.1 of the pack i got thoes missions that crashed on me to work now i can start to work on converting Karrilions missions to 64 players

[CTF] (20) ThE JuNkYaRD -MeTHoD-.Sara.pbo error in ai disabled ai//20th player was non playable fixed

[CTF] (20) Corridor v1.Sara.pbo error in ai disabled ai

[Co] (4) NightShift.Intro //No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.ootwhijackp' fix=removed

[Co] (14) Commanding-Battle.Intro.pbo error if you have a defult face on it will crash ( fix?

[A&D] (61) ARMSTRONG Pita v1.08.Sara //no class heder ai is on mission type named wrong its A&d not S&d

[Co] (24) royal Rescue v13.Sara Respwn to side not implmented changed to group

[C&H] (200) BattleForCorazol -BDA- //no class header

[DM] (28) GunshiP v0.5 -Armatech-

File description.ext, line 1: '.onLoadmission': Missing ';' at the end of line

File description.ext, line 2: '.respawndelay': Missing ';' at the end of line

[DM] (28) Gunship v15

File description.ext, line 1: '.onLoadmission': Missing ';' at the end of line

File description.ext, line 2: '.respawndelay': Missing ';' at the end of line

[DM] (25) Panzers is a 25 palyer map not 20 changed descripton.ext header

[DM] (10) vodka v1.10 -MCY-.intro\description.ext, line 8: '.titleParam1': Missing ';' at the end of line

[DM] (24) RoadRage v1 -celery-.sara\description.ext, line 7: '.titleParam1': Missing ';' at the end of line

Co] (44) EAST AirCavOnslaught v2.Sara: Missing 'description.ext::Header'

[Co] (34) Ramadi Airport.Intro: Number of roles (34) is different from 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer' (2)

[CTF] (20) CastleKeep v2 -{MOD}-.Sara: Number of roles (22) is different from 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer' (20)

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Fixed log v1.03

Bezerk Maps wher Renamed wrong so i left them alone.

C&H 64 Maps converd Changed vichle respawn scripts added ammo crate respawn and other minor tweeks

[C&H] (200) Battle For Corazol updated


[Co] (28) Island Takeover V2 -BDA-.Sara

[C&H] (64) Tactical wAR v.1.08.Sara

[C&H] (50) Trident.Sara

[C&H] (54) Platoon

[s&D] (19) Colonels Escape

and yes i am nutz haha  yay.gif


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those are both good standards but im gonna follow Matt Rochelle's ways of the samurai biggrin_o.gif damn its almost 30 + celsius indoors in my house im going crazy tounge2.gif

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