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    missing the getURL function to request a file as string from URL (maybe with cUrl) nice work!
  2. the berzerk stats hold unique arma id's ... on hold since scoring bugs in arma 1.04
  3. if(_motivation < 1) _return = objNull;
  4. that wouldn't answer his question and for sure not help him ... setting missions up to new parameters needs to set requiredversion to 1.04 too ... but here they are: beta84.zip - new parameter system of ArmA 1.04 added = required version - most of the still existing but unused parameters implemented - very first weapon loadout preset changed - softer vehicle pushing of e.g. boats on ground - MHQ marker yellow if not canMove - little fires removed by bigger campfires - improved GPS zooming - Zelenogorsk: new target added for more balance - new mission: Staroye, 1 Task, Infantry based ... - new mission: Rogovo, 2 Tasks, Infantry based about unit markers: it seems setting sanis red in map wasn't a good idea ... change back to green of leave as is?
  5. Parameter 1: Weather/ ViewDistance/ Duration; 1. Clear/ 1200m/ 30min 2. Clear/ 1200m/ 45min 3. Clear/ 1200m/ 60min 4. Clear/ 1200m/ 120min 5. Clear/ 1200m/ unlimited 6. Clear/ 2400m/ 30min 7. Clear/ 2400m/ 45min 8. Clear/ 2400m/ 60min (default in tiny missions) 9. Clear/ 2400m/ 120min 10. Clear/ 2400m/ unlimited 11. Clear/ 3600m/ 30min 12. Clear/ 3600m/ 45min 13. Clear/ 3600m/ 60min (default in bigger missions) 14. Clear/ 3600m/ 120min 15. Clear/ 3600m/ unlimited 16. Changes/ 1200m/ 30min 17. Changes/ 1200m/ 45min 18. Changes/ 1200m/ 60min 19. Changes/ 1200m/ 120min 20. Changes/ 1200m/ unlimited 21. Changes/ 2400m/ 30min 22. Changes/ 2400m/ 45min 23. Changes/ 2400m/ 60min 24. Changes/ 2400m/ 120min 25. Changes/ 2400m/ unlimited 26. Changes/ 3600m/ 30min 27. Changes/ 3600m/ 45min 28. Changes/ 3600m/ 60min 29. Changes/ 3600m/ 120min 30. Changes/ 3600m/ unlimited Parameter 2: Respawn/ Vehicles/ Daytime; 1. Standard/ Locked/ Day (default) 2. Standard/ Locked/ Night 3. Standard/ Locked/ Morning 4. Standard/ Locked/ Evening 5. Standard/ Open/ Day 6. Standard/ Open/ Night 7. Standard/ Open/ Morning 8. Standard/ Open/ Evening 9. Parachute/ Locked/ Day 10. Parachute/ Locked/ Night 11. Parachute/ Locked/ Morning 12. Parachute/ Locked/ Evening 13. Parachute/ Open/ Day 14. Parachute/ Open/ Night 15. Parachute/ Open/ Morning 16. Parachute/ Open/ Evening 17. No Task/ Locked/ Day 18. No Task/ Locked/ Night 19. No Task/ Locked/ Morning 20. No Task/ Locked/ Evening 21. No Task/ Open/ Day 22. No Task/ Open/ Night 23. No Task/ Open/ Morning 24. No Task/ Open/ Evening
  6. beta77 - polish localization reworked (thanx mant3z) - map animation fixed to selected task - static weapons usable to all factions, no lock anymore - music volume decreased 10% - some fixes, no one would recognize anyways
  7. beta75 - some buggy localization strings fixed, (italian, russian and polish updated) - ammunition bug maybe fixed - equipment re-/selection finnished - new mission: kozlovka
  8. - Encryption!?: intention was to pack .. source with comments is 3 times bigger .. more than 1mb. - Server settings: expert mode setting is == veteran setting - 3rd - Scoped weapons: that is why they are limited heavily - No squad system? try this: select member in respawn/ backpack dialog and press the join/recruit button to join or invite. You can recruit 2 members from startup ... +2 / star GPS shows the selected group onScreen (like the Medic stuff) - No comms: VoIP serverside disabled ... server has enough to do .. so other servers can do the VoIP job ... - there is no official changelog for beta.
  9. beta74 - new mission: kozlovka
  10. during beta phase there is no serious mission development .. all missions are just set up for testing script issues... that this beta phase is "open testing" now wasn't planned this way ... so just enjoy it "as it is" for now ... i really spend not much time in editor and don't want to update lots of missions during beta. if you guys have that time to write books into forums or hang out on chernarus all day: ... feel free to send suggestions for your small missions - drawn with editor ... that might be the fastest way to get what you want ... unRap the mission.sqm, modify it you want and send it to zap@get42.com ... i will take a look if that is even possible with the current scripts and/or modify both to work.... i repeat: this is still beta phase! i played with an old script this weekend, i wrote years ago for parsing data out of log files .... with some little modifications i got it to work with ArmA2 -ranking logs ... very basic as i didn't spent much time on it, but still usable: DAO Server statistics you can search data by adding search string to URL like "?search=xyz"
  11. Not all strings are translated, but localization strings for 8 languages are included in the mission ... check your game options ingame for language setting... if not disabled
  12. DAO #3 is an 8-core i7 server ... i want to see all cores work!
  13. beta66 changelog ... so far: - GPS-onScreen Markers will not only show your squad anymore, but the selected squad in dialog now ... own squad members are shown white, other squads green. - Medics got 4 GPS-onScreen Markers now, showing the nearest 4 wounded soldiers. - Joining squads reworked. - for sure a new mission this weekend ... dont know yet... but Elektro or Cherno
  14. My wish is a server.cfg setting: autoKickOnMaxPing = 150; // off = 0