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-{GOL}- Clan Now recruiting

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Hello lads

-{GOL}- clan is happy to report that our server is now running the new Armed Assault 1.15 Beta patch and is proving great results over the 1.14, All operations regarding the server will continue as usual however you will require the patch to play on the server from now on smile_o.gif



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*S* GOL is a good group from what I remember. When I ran the ATEF guys GOL was the place to go for some Crime City stuff. Chris come to the ACS clan forums so we can set up some joint ops sometime. Good stuff gang. smile_o.gif

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External issues should be dealt with externally, at the very least if they must be dealt with on these forums they should be dealt with privately. Don't air your dirty linen in public.

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Thanks for cleaning that up Placebo.

13 January 2009

-{GOL}- Clan is growing by the week, we encourage people to come to our server to see what we are about if you haven’t already, we have lots of mission editors brining you the latest in good playable COOP type missions. The server is open 24 hours a day.

There is no limit to our expanding player roster currently at 40 players. With the new Arma multiplayer coding on patch 1.15 we have seen great server performance with many players which makes this tactical coop playing experience great.

We also have a lot of new Youtube videos for you guys to watch if you want to know more about the current life in GOL Clan. So please take some time and watch these videos. Most of which are based on the new map Afghani! smile_o.gif

Guerillas of Liberation - ArmA - Afganistan

Guerillas of Liberation - ArmA - Teaser

Guerillas of Liberation - ArmA - Desert Thunder

We encourage people to come along and have some fun, in the end thats what it is all about!!  yay.gif



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If people with agendas against GOL don't stop abusing the "report post to a moderator" function I'm going to start banning people, you've been warned.

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21 January 2009

Hi there,

We are pleased to announce that our Official GOL Addon Pack has been released as a .RAR archive for people to easily install it themselves. You can download this mod from the GOL Website's home page.

Previously we solely relied on Yoma's Addon Synchronizer for the addon pack, however many of our members and regular ArmA Server players did not like this method. Therefore, you have an alternative download!

If you still prefer to use Yoma's, that's fine! Yoma's will still be used as normal.

We look forward to playing with you on our game server. Don't forget to join our Teamspeak Server too! Communication is essential in any mission we play.

Server Address/IP: www.gol-clan.net

Password: daimbar


-{GOL}- Administration

P.s: We are going to start working with other clans and squads to get the best experience out of Arma, these could include:

Arma Warfare:

We play Warfare, with the ACE Mod, against another clan/squad. No nastiness, no ladders or leagues, just a game against another clan - friendly competition, if you will.

Why Warfare you say? Because it means we have to efficiently plan our resources - we don't start with 4 tanks, a chopper, an A10 and so forth that respawn when they're destroyed. Conversely, if something is destroyed, resources will determine whether or not it can be replaced. So, kinda like "real" war, then.

Arma Combined Arms Night (CAN):

This is a large combined coop with clans/sqauds working togther, usually consisting of infantry squads, tank crew, pilots and recon, against the AI in a virtual war. It's similar to the style of the CWC campaign. The damage you take is caried on in the next mission. If you for example get lost in a mission, your MIA in the next which makes CAN fun to play.

Arma Tactical Engagement Night (TEN):

This is a Players VS Players Night, you can see it as an A&D mode with all sorts of objectives such as destroying convoys and buildings. One team needs to defend and the other attack. There will be respawn to an island for players so not to cheat the guys who are still playing. Vehicles and such will not respawn and map will end when objectives are met or all players are killed.

If any squads or clans are interested in joining us and having some of these great games please get incontact with us over at our fourms www.gol-clan.net and post inside the Brothers of -{GOL}- section! We will see you on the battlefield brothers!

-{GOL}- Matt Rochaz

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My heart twitches when i have to hear people don't like my tool...

Anyway, maybe some of them will start liking the 2009 version. And maybe some people just don't like handy tools at all  tounge2.gif

A small question: do those people tell you guys exactly what they don't like in it?

Besides that, see you guys around on the battlefield some time soon!

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<span style='color:"#8B0000"'>GOL CLAN NEWS UPDATE</span>

10th March 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen

We at GOL have some interesting and experimental news to share with you. GOL Radio and GOL IRC Chat. You can access both these from the top bar on our website at www.gol-clan.net

First off I’m going to talk about the GOL radio. GOL radio is very special its something the members made up after our Sunday operation one night where they would have a bit of a laugh and play some songs down team speak. Now it has evolved where we have a few DJs etc who play there music everyone gets involved and it’s a big laugh. But what we added was a team speak radio-bot which streams live onto the internet so anyone can listen in. Now we also use this on the Sunday operation and add the radio-bot into the HQ comms which can quite interesting to listen too. Its all very early stages but its all in a bit of fun!

Next up is our brand new IRC chat. Anything you need from editing help, addon help website help, in game help or just general chit chat we can help you. We also use this IRC chat if you’re too shy to talk on TS but once you get used to us there will be no stopping you. biggrin_o.gif We have just setup this IRC server and it can be accessed from our website using a web-based client so no need to download anything onto your machine.


Still Recruiting!

We would like to welcome the 10 new -{GOL}- Recruits also!!

Matt Rochelle.

-{GOL}- Clan


We now have 41 members and 5 recruits!!

-{GOL}- Clan Sunday Operation - 15/03/09

Narc's Point of View

Part 1

Freerider's point of View

Jays Point of View

Infantry Vid #2

Matt Rochelle's Point of View (Me)

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Morning guys,

-{GOL}- is happy to report due to the increace in movie makers in -{GOL}- we are now beginning to have even more footage now than ever.

These are some more of many new -{GOL}- videos which are now on youtube

-{GOL}- Sunday Op from one of our member's view Here

Heres the Same operation but from another members view Here

Having almost 2-3 videos almost every sunday is now becomming a regular thing now within -{GOL}- and you can still be part of it :) So if your intrested in joining with -{GOL}- then check our the website


Thanks :)

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Hello after viewing a few vids on youtube of your clan in action i decided that i would read up on your clan and i have to say u have done an absolute amazing job really outstanding. now i am interested in maybe joining but was just wondering if u could say add me to msn or something so i can have a chat about it with you. if not then thats fine.

My MSN = andrew_taaffe@hotmail.co.uk

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Well everyone this will probably be GOLs last Armed Assault Post before we move on over into Arma II. Id like to thank everyone on the BIS forums and all our members wish everyone the best of luck!

Got some news!!

The 19th clan broke down few days ago and most of their members joined into our clan boosting our numbers higher than ever and with more set to come in its looking good already!

But we got some bad news is we received this E-mail from killer creation (server host), we will be expecting a full days down time on the 20th June!

This meaning we are likely to be down for the full day, knowing this to be a very annoying time considering the 505 version of ArmA2 is being released on the 19th, once its all up however we will work at rocket speed to get everything online.

Peace out arma community and on behalf of GOL Clan Its been a pleasure playing with you!

Edited by MattXR

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The GOL Clan System has now been shutdown for 24/hours when we come back online we will be with Arma II !!! Thank you all

If you need any info about TS we are currently residing on AIM Clan Teamspeak!

Thanks AIM!

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