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Addon & Mission Standards

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Hi There fellas,

Im going to get to the point right away, but first I couldnt find out something similar to this one so I hope you dont mind, I would like to define a "small" problem as a Operation Flashpoint user. My problem, in fact we have all the same problem, is the addons that have various settings. Please forgive me for my inferior knowledge about addon making but I tried to make one as a modeller, and also I like to test and compare different addons most of the time. What I figured out is, different addons are using different scipts, values that are sometimes highly biased.

Well, no doubt that I highly appreciate Addon makers those who gives us the tools to create variety of scenarios, but sometimes things get really complicated. Im sure everyone knows what JAM is. It's a real great stuff and besides, its a solid protocol for weapon creators, So, my point is that vehicle creators should gather around this kind of protocol, which should have various systems developed by the experts.

I think that vehicles should have, similar and slightly identical systems like,

Electronic Warfare Stuff


[*]Smoke Launcher (probably provided with ArmA)

[*]Chaff&Flare dispenser (probably provided with ArmA)


[*]ECM'able RADAR

[*]"Ground Moving Target" Mode to acquire ground targets RADAR (Air units have unrealistic advantage over ground units otherwise)

[*]FLIR to acquire targets that moved recently tru engine heat (Im sure its not possible to find out tru coding whether if the unit was -in shade/and cool- or -in the open/and hot- but still engine run time can be logged right?)

[*]RWR and LASER Detector, to warn crews of the vehicle that is being tracked

[*]Reactive Armour/tandem Heat differences/settings

[*]You tell me?!? smile_o.gif

Structural Setting Stuff


[*]JAM like vehicle weapons list and settings for various missiles and cannons.

[*]JAM like armour thickness setting

[*]JAM like vehicle IR signature, RADAR profile

So there wont be ultra destructive weapons, unbalanced vehicles ... hopefully..

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We should ensure every addon zip contains a decent text file with the same name as the addon (never readme.txt)!! I have so many zip files with a single pbo inside, and absolutely no clue what it does!

The only way to "enforce" any of these standards would be a "no compliance, no mirror" policy from the big OFP/ArmA download sites.

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