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    Realistic Modern Warfare a.k.a. Operation Flashpoint, tactical engagement and strategic deployment games X-Com, OFP and of course Hearts of Iron (2) <br><br>StarWars 4/5/6 and Alien 1/2 movies all the way,
  1. grayace

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    our Army has been long time standing guardian of Secular Republic, thanks to European support, EU declared our military as an obstacle in our democracy* everytime, around 2007 Generals and Admirals were framed with a coup scenario and imprisoned right away... soon after people were applausing when ErdoÄŸan told them "we have imprisoned them because military was abusing the *democracy*".... in the reality, it was crystal clear who was abusing it.... Generals and Admirals were sentenced to lifetime in prison after years of trial, then these religious organisation declared outlaw who has framed the Generals with the coup scenario, in 2014 after the 17-25 December events (they were emptying the treasure...) Soon after, Generals and Admirals released without an apology and ErdoÄŸan said that they have been tricked(!)... guess what, people once again applaused... *actually gladio was the opposition, not the top management, thanks to NATO, gladio is their legacy in our countries...
  2. grayace

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    Yeah good point, I was thinking about it, if I try to sneak Syria and joined the fight, Id be taken into custody, somehow these fanboys managed to go and join others, and in the video clip where they're shooting at parachutes, some people were shouting "Allahuekber" and also some were shouting "dont shoot dont shoot they are captives, captives coming!" Im not going to name them or organisations backing them up if any, since I feel comfy in my room, and I dont plan to go in a prisoncell anytime soon
  3. grayace

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    Similar to public interest on hitler back in 1935s.... really!, half of the population is extremely against him, we practically hate him and his party, and half of them seeing him as a great leader, because he has fixed the economy and acted in a more charismatically... (actually what he did is, imprisoned the journalists, imprisoned the chief of staff(!) and so many military personnel for years, has overtaken the important companies and given them to accomplices, he has used religious groups in favor in the process and then declared them outlaws... he tries to foster a population with less liberal ideas, controlled by religious nonsense and work like slaves..) We already lost too much in this crisis, Russia was an important economic source for us, we were enjoying incoming tourism, cheap energy inputs and we were selling/exporting to them equipments, machinery, agricultural stuff etc... its a huge loss for both sides, mainly for Turkey, it may very well effect our daily life for sometime, but; On the other hand We can impose serious measures against them as well, but what is the point? Russia should be more concerned about in competition with China and US rather than being furious at us and taking furious decisions, If Russia suffers another Afghanistan in Syria (probabilities are way too high) it will be a another devastation for all the players except the radicals...
  4. grayace

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    It's been a while since the last time I post something around, but I need to express this, Im a Turk and my country is being shifted to right-wing more and more, Western hemisphere shouldve handled the current government in a much more cautious way but they've laid red carpets to them, and backed the approach till this day, now they are sending their warnings about the media (journalists are being imprisoned for too long) and also sending concerns about the war in Syria... and this government recently won another election with 49% of votes, altough half of the voters represent 35 million+ people that prefer to have a secular, modern future, I dont have much hope from future now, because what has happened to Turkey is financed from Europe and Saudia in the first place, On the other hand, this crisis with Russia, I felt sorry for the crisis, especially sorry for the Russian soldiers torned in the process but after seeing Russians' furious black propaganda* and comments, now I can only think what the hell? Turkey is not dependend to NATO or Russia totally, and Russia is not there to fight ISIS, whole process would be different if they aim to destroy ISIS and radicals, My point is, radicalism is being fueled everyday, bombing other elements, keeping people in a hopelessness, furious and mindless talks are serving more and more to this, Russia can have its base it Syria, Syria government can have a large soil, Kurds can have their federal governance, Shiite, Alevis and Sunnis can live in isolated areas as well, what the hell you cant share in there? oil? what good does it serve if there is a chaos and anarchy over there... Last thing is, Turkey can very well decimate any Russian conventional offensive without NATO, but in the end, would you like to see a Syria-like Turkey with 70 million refugees? I need to remind that 300.000 people has already overwhelmed Europeans, so leaders should work on a solution not more destruction, let people control the radicals... *Pilots were warned, which has been confirmed by allied air units who heard the warnings, *Pilots indeed fly over the Turkish airspace, they have been warned for months in various diplomatic channels, *Their motive to fly over Turkish airspace is to bomb northern face of the hills, because Syrian army artillery can only bombard southernface *Turkmens are our kin, they fight ISIL but some good portions can be radicals, dont know them very well, Im an deist but I cannot forget my kin, so they should be contained rather than bombed indiscriminately *Turkmens has been bombed intensively and lost the control hill but apperently it was tactic, because in the nightfall they have regained control of the hill and Syrian army has lost personnel... People are dying because of nothing, nobody showing any progress in this war, ISIS is too busy with planning other terrorist activities becuase they are enjoying the chaos... (you may put the blame Turkish government, I'd agree, but DO NOT PUT the blame on Turkish people)
  5. grayace

    Control Lag - ever resolved?

    same here, IT LAGS SO BAD*, any clue how to resolve? its still moving after you stop the mouse, it skips if you move it a little faster, like its slipping on the screen please help, and I noticed that this is solved in Arma2, but I have 3 copies of Arma and I still play, PLEASE HELP ---------- Post added at 12:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:53 PM ---------- pre-rendered frames* setting helped me, (read another thread here) under the NVIDIA control panel, Manage 3D Settings, (advanced), then select Program Settings, you will see pre-rendered frames,
  6. grayace

    Arma mouse lag

    pre-rendered frames 0 setting helped me as well THANKS
  7. Hello fellas, Im using Athlon X2 5000+ 2.6 Ghz, with 2 GB Ram and I was using GForce 8600GT and my fps was around 13-15 (min) when I got woods insight, average rate was 25 to 30 (max) today, I bought a GForce 9600GT and now my FPS kicks to 75 where I got 30 before, and min value is 25, so its veerryy playable, and these values were taken from idle maps, (uteh and the chernarus) replacing the GPU has given more than I expected, so I might recommend to you all whom using GF8600 series note, the benchmark values indicates that GF8600GT is at half speed when compared to 9600GT (ref. futuremark)
  8. Discard the Vista and capitalize on CPU with the spare budget Id say. Im going to buy Quad core soon, X2 5000+ just cant keep up with Arma
  9. grayace

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Congratulations to Germany, goodluck to them at the final. it was an exciting match We, Turks played superb last night though we miss 5 major players, especially the goalkeeper and also Turkish nation thanks to two refrees in prior matches for flying yellow cards in the end, tournament was/is great, and still there are two more matches to enjoy!
  10. grayace

    UEFA Euro 2008

    in both matches (Czech and Croatia) refrees were badly sided on card issues. Its crystal clear. I wonder who will be on field next match, Fatih Terim himself??
  11. grayace

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Scratch another one for TURKEY!!! YEEEAAAHHHH I lost it when Rustu got out his goal and help croatians to score, and then miracle happens!!! we are BACK!!! GO TURKEY GO!
  12. grayace

    CTI 2

    They have Tour of Duty limit.. so they can join on more skill requiring missions that is open to discussion anyway
  13. grayace

    CTI 2

    Focus should be on winning, not hiding in the bushes. You have to accomplish something no matter what in the game u can be easily killed punishment would do nothing other than cause frustration. Trying to force people to play in some narrow role through punishment dosnt work in a game if a person whats to do something, they do it. well I think we agree to disagree because in my game I want people TO DO as they're told, if they are taking a damned $20M worth AH-64 just to "fly around and so called helping others" THEN it is definitely NOT MY TASTE They have to fly as per mission orders, and bring back the damned vehicle back to base AT ALL COSTS, if they cant, they should NOT fly it, but if they loose it for a good cause (suicide is not option in anyways) it could be acceptable, or can be credited through Tour Of Duty limits.. A GOOD PILOT ALWAYS FIGHTS ANOTHER DAY Besides there is hoot load of cheesy games out there just to play, where the unrealistic elements are abundant in them, like flags, health packs, stuff like that, even in OFP and in CTI people plays like that, when it comes to WARFARE, it should be done in a ORDER, and of course, running all over the map is not something heard of in history of warfare and also you said "winning" did I read true? And which war has ever been won by running all over the place without any TRACE of ORGANIZATION? Not even barbarians did that, belive me And also, you are having problem understanding my concept, (or I couldnt make myself clear enough) why would people should stay in bushes? INFANTRY supposed to move with their squad, they dont need to hide... You're mixing it with current CTI where people run all over the map for Km's with 2-3 persons, and when they got shot they end up in home base, this is not I want....I want people to go out there with their PLATOON or UNIT of ARMORED/WINGED vehicles, DO their mission, and either PULL BACK or DIG IN...when they die, they should GROUP SPAWN right back into group and continue from where they left... you're pretty much confused with QUAKE style gaming, Im talking about WARFARE, Order of Battle, Chain of Command...
  14. grayace


    well havent played ARMA yet, but personally I prefer "slow weapon" changing, I liked the animations and restrictions of it, still I would like to see a quick move in AT launcher mode, like dropping weapon and hitting ground fast. but on the other hand, I prefer "fast paced" controls, I mean I mapped E to sprint and W to run, and I should be able to run-sprint-run-walk just holding keys, Im sure its still possible in ARMA, I hope.. and Walking and shooting OFP was just nice, as long as you dont toggle kneel option, because V and F stacks.. and can get you confused sometimes, if V is on or F is on... ON THE OTHER HAND ONLY THING FREAKS ME OUT HERE, is seeing that poor UI all over the place, OFP UI was perfect, why did they change it I dont understand, Map is screwed, squad display is screwed, command bar seems to be altered pretty much I cant evaluate it without using, but visually it seems pretty worked-DOWN to me
  15. grayace

    CTI 2

    Well "punishing" is necessary for; -x- To prevent people running suicide missions, -x- Keeping focus on survival than killing, will make killing harder and rewarding -x- Will let Commander to have limited supplies, and each single part of equipment will be worthy -x- Those who wants to roam free can still go on SpecOps where they have their best options at their disposal, And also, if you want to run a game worths playing with so many people; Existance of "Chain of Command" and way of its ENDORSEMENT is IMPORTANT not STUPID... Otherwise, neither Commander nor Lt.Commanders would be respected, so people wouldnt be interested in these, and also Players will start to run all over the place, supposedly "trying to do their best" however they will be screwing the Order of Battle beyond belive... I have been playing JointOps, where 130-150 players play, and its soo occasional when a group of players team up and plays throughly (and when they do, they do good, no matter how good shooters they are, because a well organized attack based on numbers not personal skills) BY THE WAY, I DID NOT say that players have to CO-OP, I said they have to CARRY OUT their mission, and I explained what those missions could be, a certain group of unit supposed to deal with certain area of operation, and should be able to see WHAT OTHERS are there to INTER-OP or CO-OP with them. Try to think large, its not like I hold here you hold there.