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Where did the PR warning thing go? That was kinda cool!

Another thing, I liked the forum more when it had the poster name and post count info and avatar aligned to the left, and not the center :P

i do see it on some people still, http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=30762

Yes. Just because mine disappeared doesn't mean some others here will be as lucky. tounge_o.gif

Yours disapeared? I still see it.

Are these PR warnings suppose to decrease over time? I thought I have seen some go down. Or is it a Scarlet brand?  sad_o.gif

This light yellow square hurts my eyes (I mean it actually hurts it) and for the sake of my eyes please choose a different color for it, like blue, dark blue...  smile_o.gif  wink_o.gif

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