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  1. Milkman

    What/how many languages can you speak?

    English, Spanish, learning German.
  2. Milkman

    Psychology of killing.

    This is odd, if they are your enemy, they will kill you if you hesitate. I could never understand why anyone would hesitate, maybe I will learn someday.
  3. Milkman

    Average age of the "Flashpointer"

    If I have been playing OFP for 6ish years, how exactly do I answer this question? Now or when I first started?
  4. Milkman

    Body Armor In ArmA

    Once again, all this talk about magical shields. I could shoot all day at a M1A1 Abrams with my .38 special and never put a dent in it. Does this mean the tank has a magical shield? No! A conventional 9x19mm, no matter how hard it tries, will never penetrate class IV armor. No one is claiming that body armor makes you invincible, why debate this magic shield crap when it is clear that certain calibers can easily overcome certain armor. Its all about the matching of projective and target. On topic, I remember the BAS addons of yesteryear did have simulated body armor. I could take 3-5 shots in the front torso from a assault rifle before going down, why body armor was not implemented for a game with "Modern Combat" in the title is beyond me.
  5. Milkman

    Body Armor In ArmA

    Headshots, neckshots, arterial extremity shots, fatal physical shock from non-lethal rounds. Thats how bullets kill someone in heavy-class armor. Did I mention AP and incendiary?
  6. Milkman

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Hi all, Long time no post, I remember I used to post way too much in the OFP photography threads, so um, here's my first addition to the Armed Assault photography thread. Not staged, was just taking potshots at camels and this one landed in a way that made it look old and relic-like. Take care for now.
  7. Milkman


    yes I do, I thought you died. I thought you were dead... lol So um, how is ArmA? For those who were lucky enough to not be in the US and wait months more?
  8. Milkman


    I am both. Yes, where is farmcoot? Took a year but yes I did. yes I do, I thought you died. The admin is welcome to say hi to me before he closes it. Thankyou all for the warm welcome back.
  9. Milkman


    Hi, I havn't been here in, years I think. I am still waiting for ArmA to be released... how has everyone been doing? And tell me if you know who I am, I want to see who is still around from the old days.
  10. Milkman

    How often do you (still) play OFP

    I went through a series of reformats, and I havn't bothered reinstalling, and I won't ever reinstall this game... ever. I will be back when Armed Assault comes out, untill then... ta ta.
  11. Milkman

    BF2 Criticism and Thoughts

    It looks really arcady, but what the hell, I will give it a go.
  12. Milkman

    Ask a mod

    So why are all the ORCs naval threads being closed?
  13. Milkman

    FlashFx Units Replacement pack 5.0!

    I tried unistalling v3.5 patch but it told me I was missing a log file, what to do? I am trying to do a complete reinstall of the program, since I went 3.5>4.2>4.5, and according to 4.5 release notes this is "retroactive"? Also, I can only get one of the new animations to work, the lean right one. What are the keys for the others?
  14. Milkman

    Sigma-6's 1965 GMC fleetside pickup truck

    O2 is probably the (I kid you not) easiest, most intuitive, and streamlined low-poly modelling tool on the planet. If you think O2 is quirky, you should try Maya or MAX. . . I hate to go offtopic but I despise o2, nothing ever worked properly for me. If you want easy and intuitive, try Lightwave 8.0
  15. Milkman

    Gmail invites for you OFP folks

    I have 50 some myself, so PM me if you want invites...