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[SP][RTS] Curway: Aegis - Operation Saboteur

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Hello all, since there is a lot of heat around the new RTS addon released and mentioned in official COMRAD.. I wanna join this new found wave of RTS fans and bump my old mission that never received much attention. 


Curway: Aegis - supposed to be a series of missions played RTS-style from top-down view. Technically it is heavily modified Zeus, custom tailored for SP missions playing as Zeus, controlling only one side. Entire UI is made with arma style in mind and I tried to integrate custom icons and UI into interface as fluid elements that are not visually much different from the vanilla Zeus.

Operation Saboteur - is a first mission from the series "Aegis". Player has to complete a series of tasks visually presented in the world




  • Men of War styled gameplay
    • Control a set squad of units
    • Receive reinforcements by advancing in the mission
  • Rocket launching UI with rocket travel lines
  • Grenade throwing UI with grenade trajectory lines
  • AI adjustments and enhancements for better responsiveness and control
  • Quick menu for changing stances, running speed and quick actions
  • 3D visual task system, with partial completions and actions (like setting up a bomb)
  • Cutscene system - moving your camera to points of interests smoothly, presenting new objectives with animations
  • much more..



Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1420857501

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