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I have this error sometime, one or two times by playing hour. I understand that it is early access, but may be it is something wrong in my hardware/software config, that can be found in files? I googled this error (Exception: GPU hangs!) and don't find the same.



Computer (9700kf 32gb 6650xt) passes any benches and stress tests, cpu, gpu, ram, vram, etc. Windows, files checked (sfc, dism, game steam files cache). All udated, drivers, windows, frameworks.

Thanx for any help.


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I think it's just something within the game.

From you console log:

21:48:34:084 RENDER    (E): Invalid copy queue fence value (complete = -1, expected 267208), GPU crash is likely
21:48:34:085 RENDER    (E): Render error (-2005270522 = 0x887A0006): The application's device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application


Perhaps it's best to create a feedback ticket (for BI to study 😉 )

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