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Chaos Company is a Semi-Realism/Casual ArmA 3 Operation Trebuchet (OPTRE) unit loosely based on the Halo universe. We focus on providing a fun, well-structured and organized virtual Military and Halo experience to all players stretching from newcomers to veterans.


Enlistment Requirements:

17 (With Waiver) 18+ Years of age

Ability to attend at least ONE Official Operation a month

A working microphone and Teamspeak 3


Unit Makeup: (See our ORBAT)

Chaos Company consists of:

-1 Marine Platoon, 2 Combat Teams

-ODST Squad

-Sniper Fireteam

-Engineer Fireteam

-Combat Support Squad (tasked with Armor, Artillery, and Aviation needs)


Scheduled Main Operations:

Over time, the leaders of this unit have recognized that a singular day of the week is not compatible with all members of a community, therefore we alternate our Official Operations each week. These days are announced each preceding month and are conducted at 20:00 / 8:00 PM EST to accommodate all members.



Mini-Operations and Special Events throughout the week


Interested in becoming Leadership?

We promote from within!

-Fireteam Leaders

-Squad Leaders

-Officer Candidates

We fill these positions in both our Marine and specialty elements.



We strive for all training to be practical, useful, and quick. In too many past communities, we see training that is not useful for the player and is oriented around Senior Leadership bureaucracy. Our training is experienced and new players, with many instructors and a custom training map to help automate training.


Required Training

-Basic Training  


Voluntary Training

-Weapon Qualifications

-Specialty Trainings


Leadership Training

-Team Leader

-Squad Leader

-Officer Candidates

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