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Changing forum/BI username doesn't work for me

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Hello, I've been having this issue for several months, if not years, and I've intermittently tried to get support on it or some forum moderator or staff to have a look over it. I've tried to update my username to the name I've been using for my work online and in the community for the past few years, but nothing has worked. I've searched the forums, I've asked in the Discord a few times, and all to no avail.

I've already tried to go on my accounts.bistudio page / BI profile page and changing my name there, and nothing would change. I've logged out and logged back in into the website and that didn't change it either. Is there any chance I could get my name manually changed? The system doesn't seem to work for me, if possible if someone could check my accounts.bistudio page you'd see my nickname is changed there but not here. I'd also need my name changed in the BI feedback/bugtracker, unless they both change simulatenously. I'd really appreciate it.

EDIT: It has been resolved, I contacted a community manager who helped me with it.

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6 hours ago, Brahma281 said:

Same problem, bro. How can I change my nickname? Who should I write to?

There's a link above under Browse -> Staff.

I believe you can contact Nillers for help.

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