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Introducing ZHC!

ZHC is a mod based Headless Client system created for Arma 3 that is designed to be flexible and efficient for both large and small communities. It is designed to be completely flexible with features and functionality through the use of CBA Settings and Keybinds. 

You can read about it more, report bugs, make suggestions, and help contribute on Github!  https://github.com/TMZulu/ZHC

Core Features

  • Complete Flexibility of Functionality Through Use of CBA Settings and Keybinds
  • Adjustable Timing
  • Expandable HC Limit
  • HC Rebalancing
  • Server and HC FPS Display
  • Message-based Debug system
  • Visual Debug System
  • Dynamic Simulation Support (Experimental in V1.1.0)

Additional Features

  • Zeus Holding / Transfer Control
  • Emergency Offloading (HC/Zeus Disconnect Handling)
  • Unit HC Blacklisting
  • Achilles/Ares/ZEN Garrison Compatibility
  • Naked Unit Prevention/Reduction
  • Server Statistics Markers

      And More!



Download ZHC

Available on Steam Workshop


Requires CBA

Edited by TMZulu
V1.1.0 update
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6 hours ago, canadian1337 said:

Looks very cool! The steam workshop link is incorrect tho 😛.

Of course I missed something 😆. Could have sworn I checked that. Oh well, its fixed now.

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The group I am in look's forward to using your HC on Sunday, we are using 2 HC's.


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Have to say this mod is a hidden gem. I run it on server with 3HC's.



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ZHC V1.1.0 Release




  • Added Debug GUID Whitelist
  • Shifted FPS map markers
  • Fixed Zeus Holding error with module added Zeuses
  • Added Dynamic Simulation Support / Caching
  • Added RPT Logging

Important Note:
Dynamic Simulation support is Experimental. As such, it is disabled by default. As with regular dynamic support AI that are out of range of players will no longer be simulated. This will allow for a Zeus to be able to spawn AI all over the map with minimal FPS impact. However, AI will not move unless players are in range of them so Zeus spawned QRF forces may not be able move if out of the dynamic simulation trigger range.



Please report any issues in the Issue tracker: https://github.com/TMZulu/ZHC/issues

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