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  1. 0.96.7a is the last stable version. SOG DLC Liberation mission was based on same version last I checked. If you want "newer", you can feel free to port SOG DLC over to 0.96.8-dev code (which is dead end but technically "newer").
  2. Have to say this mod is a hidden gem. I run it on server with 3HC's.
  3. Not in S.O.G, no. Don't own the CDLC. Have had this error and loads of others while using TLC with Apex, CUP mods and VME_PLA. Basically, not sure under what license TLC has been meant to be. Sqf headers dont mention license at all, just the author. If its meant to be like BSD or MIT licensed stuff I'd just up the source into github and try patching it up without removing headers marking authorship ofc. Currently not sure.