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This mod enhances the UCAV Sentinel drone to make it a more deadly and effective ISR / UAV platform, the changes are as follows:


-Reduces max speed of the AI to 650kph so you don't speed past the target as quickly, manual flight will allow you to fly faster than 650kph.
-Changes the zoom capabilities of the turret camera
Zoom levels are as follows:

-Extends the ACE AGM-65 "Maverick" missile time of flight, this ensures the missile does not prematurely detonate before reaching the target.


You can find the aircraft under:

BLUFOR > NATO > Drones > UCAV Sentinel Enhanced


I highly suggest a mod like TAW View Distance to increase your view distance past 12 km.



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There are a few reasons

1. I don't play vanilla and use ace weapons as my default.

2. The vanilla missiles and ace missiles are not set up for a flight time longer than 40 seconds, after that, they detonate in midair not reaching their target. Since I primarily use ace I changed one variable in the ace maverick missile that lengthens their lifetime so this problem is not encountered again.

I can however, dig into the vanilla missiles and lengthen their life and set it up so it ace is not a requirement sometime in the near future.

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Can you make config to incrase vanilla aircraft sensors range? 

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