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Trees, Bushes and other small stuff

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So ArmA 3 has come a long way since the old days, one of which being a full working 3D Editor, which allows us to make amazing things in an easy way.

But I always found it lacking of one thing, and as you might've read from the title, that's the ability to add trees and some bushes, perhaps even grass and flowers.
All these things exist within the game, and can be spawned in via scripting commands, but I find this way to be rather complicated, and not user friendly.

I can understand performance would go down if people would spawn in 1000 trees.. (would it though?)  but sometimes, adding 5 trees to a small, hand-created neighborhood, can give so much more atmosphere to the environment, that it makes user-created missions better and feel more alive.

So.. my question, can we have Trees, Bushes etc. supported and placeable within the 3DEN Editor?

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A few of many on the Workshop...



...downside most of these types of editor extensions create a dependency for mission-makers, would be much neater if BI would add these categories themselves.

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I brought tis up with BI along time ago and they weren't keen on it.And apparently not for the reasons i thought.

Looks like they still aren't keen on it.I ported the South Asia terrain from TKOH and added the vegetation objects to 3den if you ever find yourself in that addon.

There are many objects that can be placed with an editor extension addon that dont leave dependencies.But, iirc, the vegetation isn't one of them.But still worth looking into.Its been awhile since I've used one.

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