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Welcome to the 45 Commando recruitment post.


We are a group of members with real life British Army experience. We are a unit leaning on the more serious side in game and during exercise but outside of game a community for everyone. Our milsim provides unique courses and roles for everyone creating a realistic atmosphere like no other. As we are new, we're currently ranging from 20-30 members as of now.



Must have a Legal Copy of Arma 3

Must have a Microphone

Must be able to speak English

Must be aged 15 or over.


How to Join

All you must do to join our milsim is simply join our teamspeak or discord linked below and talk to one of our recruiter staff. From there, they will talk to you about what we are looking for and find out your perfect role.


Each member that joins must go through a basic training called Phase 1. In this, the recruits learn everything they need to know from basic fieldcraft to medical knowledge for the battlefield. Members do not need to have any experience when joining as we can provide for you.




Discord: https://discord.gg/zep4Hx






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