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Will the CWR² Campaign ever be finished?

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I played it now the second time and i wondered that the campaign has the same issues like some years before with the FIA leader wich stuck on the castle tower and the incomplete ending, is there a chance that we get in future a fixed CWR² campaign?

I like it pretty much (maybe because its the campaign of my first arma ^^) so i hope there is anybody wich knows a bit more about the current work on CWR² or if its discontinued for the future.

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The CWR² Campaign is finished. Since years. And back then it has been tested several times. And no one ever reported any of the above problems. 


Anyway, Danny sent me updated mission files for the campaign and I've added them. 

These changes are not validated. If they fix the problems - fine. If not, then not.
You can get the updated campaign here.

Please understand that I have no longer time nor interest to deal with endless mission issues in an outdated game engine.

My free time is very limited and I prefer to spend it on more enjoyable things. 🙂


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