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  1. vobbnobb

    I44 SP missions broke

    To get it to work, I think all I have to do is resave the missions as scenarios somehow and system will auto update them. Anyone try? Tanks are destructible in editor but not scenarios.
  2. I was wondering if updated missions exist so I can complete the Arma 2 I44 scenarios, some scenario missions have invulnerable tanks and I can't complete them, others allow me to complete them but no green dot after completion of the scenario in the scenarios list. I believe a A2/OA (AI) patch released some time ago may have broke I44 scenarios It would be great if someone can fix them and create new ones. https://web.archive.org/web/20151208152802/http://www.invasion-1944.com/
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wHxah5s2-w It seems interesting
  4. Getting white terrain and see through any fixes?
  5. vobbnobb

    Cwr2 is this normal?

    gee this is really dead here.......failure
  6. I have 2 cwr2 activated, disabling 1 disables the other.... larger version below: https://i.postimg.cc/vbqxxD27/cwr2.png
  7. getting ACE error when trying to save game about stamina, still saves game correctly but error is annoying - can't imagine not playing this without ACE mod
  8. I'm tired of seeing the blood spatter in p.m.c. in the armored suv everytime it takes small arms anyway to shut this crap off?
  9. Cooper, Sykes, O'Hara and Rodriguiz are back.... in Takistan?! Sykes O'Hara, Rogreguiz and Coops are back. This time it's a mission in the Shapur e-Dalanpur of Takistan to disrupt the area and escape at the airfield, before being pursued. Can they make it out? Watch to find out. watch full screen
  10. US Troops run into VC Road Checkpoint (I have graphics turned down)
  11. will patch 2.7 be automatically ready for update on playwith6?
  12. Great Mod, and the older French weapons look good.
  13. I just did didn't I? The I44 team doesn't have to make the models but the community can make stuff and drop the pbo right in by self. It's been done to arma mods for years... You act like something is new here. If someone wants to make a quad 50 cal half track or Marder 2 why argue? Let em.