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Server not properly starting (status "creating")

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Hi folks,


I'm lost. I've pretty tech-savvy but I'm unable to find what is causing these problems and possible solutions haven't worked.. Perhaps someone with more experience is willing to take a look 🙂?

What I'm trying to do, is host an Arma 3 server with co10 escape on my dedicated server (ubuntu), but upon joining the server all I see is the altis map with no server response whatsoever (e.g. #login does not give me any feedback if I logged in, etc)

My setup is as follows:

Mods (they're getting loaded properly)



// ****************************************************************************
//                                                                            *
//     Arma 3 - server.cfg                                                    *
//     Version 060117                                                         *
//                                                                            *
// ****************************************************************************

// ArmA 3 Server Config File
// More info about parameters:
// https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg


// Hostname for server.
hostname = "name";

// Server password - for private servers.
password = "123";

// Admin Password
passwordAdmin = "456";

// Auto-admin
admins[] = {"my steam id 64"};

// Server Slots
maxPlayers = 32;

// Logfile
logFile = "arma3server.log";

// Minimum Required Client Build
//requiredBuild = 95691

// Message of the Day (MOTD)
motd[] = {
    "Welcome to My Arma 3 Server",
    "TS3 Server:     teamspeak.somewhere.com",
    "Web:            www.example.com"

// MOTD Interval (Seconds)
motdInterval = 30;


// Server Mission Start
//  minimum number of clients before server starts mission
voteMissionPlayers = 1;

// Accepted Vote Threshold
//  0.33 = 33% clients.
voteThreshold = 0.33;


// Disable Voice over Net (VoN)
//  0 = voice enabled.
//  1 = voice disabled.
disableVoN = 0;

// VoN Codec Quality
//  0-10 = 8kHz (narrowband).
//  11-20 = 16kHz (wideband).
//  21-30 = 32kHz (ultrawideband).
vonCodecQuality = 3;

// Persistent Battlefield
//  0 = disable.
//  1 = enable.
persistent = 1;

// Time Stamp Format
//  none, short, full
timeStampFormat = "short";

// Server Statistics
//  Set this to 0 to opt-out! More info: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Analytics
statisticsEnabled = 0;


// Verify Signitures for Client Addons
//  0 = off.
//  1 = weak protection (depricated).
//  2 = full protection.
verifySignatures = 2;

// Secure Player ID
//  1 = Server warning message.
//  2 = Kick client.
requiredSecureId = 2;

// Kick Duplicate Player IDs
kickDuplicate = 1;

// BattlEye Anti-Cheat
//  0 = disable
//  1 = enable
BattlEye = 1;

// Allowed File Extentions
allowedLoadFileExtensions[] = {"hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"};
allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[] = {"hpp","sqs","sqf","fsm","cpp","paa","txt","xml","inc","ext","sqm","ods","fxy","lip","csv","kb","bik","bikb","html","htm","biedi"};
allowedHTMLLoadExtensions[] = {"htm","html","xml","txt"};

onUserConnected = "";
onUserDisconnected = "";
doubleIdDetected = "";

// kick = kick (_this select 0)
// ban = ban (_this select 0)
onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)";
onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)";
onDifferentData = "";

// specify ip-adresses of allowed headless clients
// if more than one:
// headlessClients[] = {"", ""};
// localClient[] = {"", ""};
headlessClients[] = {""};
localClient[] = {""};
battleyeLicense = 1;

Client mods:


Upon joining the server..



If anyone would be willing to guide me in the right direction, that'd be great!

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Hello, Welcome to Bi Forums!

Sorry to read about your troubles, seems you may have your mission file in the wrong location, and format


It looks to me according your screenshot here ----> oaMjhti.png

The @Co10_escape_cup im assuming is the mission correct? as i dont recall any mod being that from cup.

From what im getting it looks like your running the mission as a mod rather then a mission and have it named incorrect as well.


What you need to do is rename the mission, idk what map its on but if its on Chernarus then you need to rename the mission---->  Co10_escape_cup.Chernarus

then it needs to be in a pbo format and in your server's mpmissions folder.


Only mods go in the main directory, missions for servers go in the mpmissions folder, just like on client side, and only mods will use the @ sign in front of them.

Missions will have the format of a name and then the map their on as an example what i bolded the escape mission above.

Mission folder will have the name, and inside it will be the mission.sqm along with any scripts, and a description.ext, then for the server the mission folder must be pbo'd.


The server's command line will only run the mods, and the mission as said will be in the mpmissions folder, once you get to the server lobby where you choose your mission

then the mission you want to play should show up there under the map. That being the maps are on the left, in this case Chernarus im assuming the map is on and the missions on the right.

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Hi Gunter, thank you for your response!

co10_escape_cup is the cup version of the co10 escape mod (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/180080-co10-escape/)

The full co10 escape zip comes with missionfiles (which I’ve put in the mpmissions folder) and @co10_escape_cup/vanilla/apex/rhs mods, so don’t think the issue is there (but correct me if wrong).

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Hi, i'm familiar with, and i've played escape myself a bit before, but only the missions.

     Anyways basically with this you either run the mod, or the mission files themselves but not both.


The mod format contains all the mission files already, thing is if your server is open to the public then the public players will also require the mods to play

with just the mission files they will download those and can play np as long as they have the mods for RHS, CUP or whatever mod based versions of escape

your running, looks like your running cup only.


So just install the missions (pbo's) from the missionfiles folder, and not the addonfiles mod files, as again the mod files contain all the missions

in their pbo's which are the same missions as in the  missionfiles folder. Understand?

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Gotcha, thanks. I've removed the co10_escape_cup mod from the server. However, I'm still greeted with this screen upon joining the server: m70Jwdq.png

There is nothing in the logs either:


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19 hours ago, Mazey01 said:

Gotcha, thanks. I've removed the co10_escape_cup mod from the server. However, I'm still greeted with this screen upon joining the server: 

Well the server is waiting for you to choose a mission, but as non-admin you cannot choose one at that point it seems.

login as admin, and you should see the missions list.

when you #login the server log should also log that you have logged in.

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Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I'm not managing:

passwordAdmin = "456";
admins[] = {"my steam id 64"};

Both of these variables are set in the config (I know the config is working because other variables are affecting the server, such as the hostname).

Upon joining the server (the screen I posted) I press "/" and write "#login 456" and/or "#login", but nothing is being printed on the server nor any feedback is given in-game. "#missions" afterwards doesn't do anything either.


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Did you see this pinned thread by Terox?

Maybe review that and see what you can discover from that, if not working, as Terox there

as he knows alot about servers and link your thread here. 

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