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Hi, I tried to do a mod with some retextured skins.

The mod I used as a base worked bine, but the stats of the plate carriers were way off.

They had no ballistic protection what soever.

I tried to access the files but nothing would work.

Even my friend who knows how to mod was unable to access it.

(he's a map developer not an addon developer)

Now comes the part where noone is going to help me: Could anyone please make this "mod" work?

All I need is the config files because I failed miseabely at writing them myself.

I am on the edge of just throwing everything into the bin and calling it a day.


In the case anyone actually is going to help me, please write me and email and i will send you the files that I have.

Have a great day neither way.


E-mail: i123want123to123123die@gmail.com

(Just so you know, that's a throwaway email adress)

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I would be very surprised if anyone is going to have you send over the config, do all the work and then send it back.


You should put your config in a post, someone will tell you what needs to be corrected and you’ll learn something along the way!

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You have to know, at that point in time i already spent two weekends trying to figure shit out.........

And by two weekends i mean two weekends....Stand up-eat-try to get it to work-eat-go to bed-repeat.


Btw, I managed to get it to....."work"......It's the worst piece of garbage you have ever seen.

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