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PzH2000 model from old days, can someone HELP ?

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Hi Guys,

i just found an model of mine, back from 2011 of a Panzerhaubitze2000 (A german artillery tank) It was one of just a few models, cause I wanted to try something with 3d modeling and some other modding stuff for arma. Since OFP I do texturing, config writing and I learned a littlebit of scripting, and everything 😄

But now I am on the top of my knownledge, I have this model running in blender with ~31200 verts

I know that there is something about the LODs and this Stuff and i know what is, but i just need someone who can help my with this... I realy dont think i can get this ingame by myself.

I would like to get a version for arma2 and one for arma3

Some pics of it :

blender-2019-11-28-13-32-39-42.jpg blender-2019-11-28-13-32-53-10.jpg blender-2019-11-28-13-33-30-63.jpg blender-2019-11-28-13-33-39-80.jpg blender-2019-11-28-13-33-48-11.jpg

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