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Hey all, 


Stage 3 Studios Is proud to present Australian Commando Kit. This modification aims to detail the latest equipment and gear issued in the current Tier 5 Soldier Combat Ensemble to Australian Special Operations Command personnel. All content is heavily wip and will be altered throughout.



Feel free to join us on Discord



Will we see weapons and vehicles? 



What scope will the mod cover? 

The intent is staying with the latest and greatest, however some oldschool kit may sneak in later releases.


Do you have a roadmap? 

No, however there is a small list we are ticking off as we go.


Can we retexture, repack or reupload your mod?

No, there will be no exceptions in regards to this.


Who can i contact into relation to the mod? 

Contact voods, or post in the #discussion channel on Discord.









V.1.0 Release
- TBAS Tier 5
- Crye Precision Airframe
- Gentex Opscore 
- Wilcox L4G24
- Varied Accessories


V.1.1 Planned 

- TBAS (w/ Juggernaut and Invisio V60)

- Unnamed PC

- Additional helmet accessories

- Unnamed Lids


Planned Items:


- AMCU Combats

- Additions the the TBAS pouch suite

- Varied small accessories

- Additional equipment


Thanks to:


A13xer - ( Mate without you this project would not have gotten of the ground, appreciate everything)

Glen & Basemesh Studios - (3d scanning)

GT414 - (Models and various support)

Azza - (Config templates and imparting knowledge over the years, hope you're well mate)


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V1.1 Hotfix is now live on the workshop, this aims to address the texture, shadow, and sizing issues of equipment. Let us know what you think.


Stay tuned for additional content.



V1.1 Changelog:
- Fixed Helstar transparency issue
- Fixed shadow issue on TBAS
- Fixed texture issues
- Resized TBAS (Should fit to RHS and Vanilla fatigues)


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Some small WIP of our Juggernaut case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Princeton Tec Charge Pro courtesy of A13xer heading into the next release. Stay tuned for additional equipment on the way.






We now also have a public Discord for those interested in staying as up to date as possible, feel free to head on over and have a chat. Cheers.


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V1.1 is on the horizon. Stay tuned for the new additions or keep up to date on Discord.




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This mod still up? Heard that this was taken down over people ripping your stuff

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