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  1. what happened to this mod?
  2. TrippyDipp

    Good Frames in MP, Terrible in SP

    Alright, I'll try and see if any settings are causing the lag
  3. So, every time I play multiplayer in Arma 3 (King of The Hill) I get great frames, usually between 50-60. However, I enjoy playing around in the editor more. Whenever I make a single-player mission with about 40-50 bots, I only get about 40 fps and 17-20 when the battle kicks up. My specs are: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 quad core Geforce GTX 1060 8 gigs of ram And an A320M Pro-vd plus motherboard. Can anyone help me improve my fps? (btw, I use the reccomended video settings. I've also tried to run the game on the lowest settings, but that doesn't seem to work)