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[Co-25] Drongo Altis Campain - NATO

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This is a persistent campain using the Drongo RDC Module, check the mod page for more information about this mod.
Note, this mission is builded to be played for 25 player on a dedicated server.


Steamworkshop link :



Main features and rules

Drongo RDC is designed to make dynamic campain progression, so its depend if the player complete or fail the mission on each session, so here a quick description on how the mission work.


Ticket management 
There is 40 ticket for the whole team of player, 1 death = 1 ticket lost, 0 Ticket = mission fail.
To avoid any exploit every immobilised player cannot leave the session, he must die or be revived.

Custom HQ 
The player can get all the vehicle faction at base, recruit AI, HALO Jump and fast travel between the FOB and MHQ.

AI Management 
The mission is playable alone (or for low amount of player), so each player can recruit 10 AI max/group at the HQ or FOB.
Each AI cost 1 Ticket, they can be dismissed and get back the ticket, they also benefit from the same insta death protection, so they can be revived or revive any player.

The player side got 3 F.O.B box where the player can recruit AI, rearm, build fortification and get soft vehicle or static weapon.
The FOB system is totaly persistent, the box and all the construction made by the player are saved between server restart or new generated mission.


Secondary features and credit

Unique Class Features 
-Any squadleader class is able to call C.A.S, Air transport, Ammodrop.
-Engineer is able to build sandbag wall, woodplank and pole, so they build nice homemade bunker everywhere on the map. (they must have a toolkit in bag)

Dynamic Ai Patrol (AI Spawn Script Pack) 
All vehicle and soldier type. (enemy and friendly)

Dynamic AI Artillery (RYD_FFE Script) 
AI can handle any artillery piece against enemy player or AI. (RYD_FFE Script)

Logistic (by R3F team) 
-Every object builded at the F.O.B can be moved or loaded in vehicle.
-Advanced sling loading is used by default in the mission.

Client features 
-Dynamic View Distance (by TAW)
-Mag Repack (by Outlaw)

Note on client and server performance 
I spend some time on optimisation client and server side, so the mission is highly optimised and offer a good framerate for client/server and lag free, more detail below :
-Dynamic sim is used on each vehicle spawned at base.
-Configured GF Cleaning script, so the player vehicle are not deleted (no bad surprise)
-ZBE AI cache Script is used.
-Max view distance is 3500m.
-Every secondary object like vegetation, box, wreck, trashbin are hidden in town to offer the best framerate client side.

Mod compatibility 
-Any sound or movement mod is recommended.
-The mission should be compatible with ACE and TFAR.
-The new AI mod LAMBS.danger should be compatible.

!!!do not use this AI mod!!! 
-VCOM AI and TCL will breack the mission so do not use it.
(I didn't try with ASR AI)

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If I want to change the allied AI units spawning in to RHS units which file do I update. Also where can I find rhs classes

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If you want play and recruit RHS unit, you must extract the pbo, open the mission in editor and place playable RHS unit.

If you want add RHS vehicle you must find a file named configuration in the "VVS" folder, then add the RHS vehicle class name.

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