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3ds Max model.cfg exporter script

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Max to Arma  or MtA in short, is script for 3ds Max (>2013) which can be used for creating more complex & precise animations in Arma 3. Script is utilizing direct type animation transformations which are supported by RV engine since at least Armed Assault. Each frame in 3ds max is transformed to axis-aligned transformation which can be used in model.cfg. There are still some limitations with that tech here and there  and some there might be still bugs in current version of script but they shouldn't be that major. Blender version of that plugin is planned although there is no ETA for it since I'm quite slow with adapting to 2.8 version.


I would like to thank in this place Redphoenix for initial setup of script with basic UI - without it I would probably spend couple extra days figuring out Max UI creation. Another person that I would like to thank is Kiory which allowed me to use his rig for that example animation.



Hope you enjoy that script and let your imagination go crazy 😉




Script, examples & complete documentation can be found here.


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