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Key Frame Animation - Orientation mode - Look

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I am trying to use the "Key Frame Animation" to make a little cinematic but I have a doubt that I have not found anywhere.

I already have all the modules of the "Key Frame Animation" ready and the camera moves well with the modes: Animation, Move, Nothing.

How should the objective to look at be introduced? I understand that it goes in the Rich Curve module, Look input. But I just didn't understand its syntax.

The description says: <EdenId, TargetObject>
As default: [-1, <NULL-object>]

If I have an object called Target_0 which is what I want to look with the camera, what should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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Select Target_0 in Eden, open the debugConsole and type...

get3DENEntityID(get3DENSelected "object" select 0)

...and press localExec, this will return the ID.

Then just fill the Look At with...


Where # is the ID returned in the debugConsole.

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