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You can't see object geometry through vehicle geometry (z plane).

ORIGINAL TOPIC====================================================================
Objects won't render inside vehicle cab in first-person camera.


The tablet is attached to a helper (yellow thing). The helper is attached to the plane. It doesn't matter what technique is used to attach the tablet. The attachment works any which way, but no matter what in the first person view, the tablet is missing (it actually seems to clip outside of the cab to some relative position). In 3rd person camera it works as expected.

Is there some kind of occluder in vehicle interiors that won't allow objects? The move happens during the half-second fade when entering/exiting vehicles. Is this a known issue? Is there a work-around? I really want a tablet on my lap whilst flying.

To surmise: It doesn't matter how to attach. It just can't be seen in first-person (because it clips out of position). 3rd person works as expected but that's useless.

Any ideas?



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In RV4 engine, the vehicle that your camera's in will rendered frontmost, so you can't fix this.

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As POLPOX explained the tablet cannot go on the player's lap. A compromise, and a practical one at that, was to put it up on the dashboard. I wrote a simple script to update the current displayed image to be the player's current area of the map. This is not nearly as cool as displaying proper GPS or MAP or whatever we can put here. What can we put here?


There's gotta be a way to put the GPS here.

This is how I attached the tablet,
in object init,

this disableCollisionWith playerJET;
this SetObjectTexture [0,"tanoaS.jpg"];
playTAB attachTo [playerJET, [-0.12,1.6,0.25], "vez"];
playTAB setVectorDirAndUp [[0,0,1],[0,-1,0]]; 

Have fun!

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I realize "A picture of your mom..." is technically an answer but I already thought of that.
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From FTA readme,


What's new:
1) A mobile phone you can stick to the cockpit window. The phone can display GPS, a selfie camera, lock screen, help and incoming messages.


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