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WW2 Terrain - Dunkirk 1940 [WIP]

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Hello all,


I am glad to show some screenshots of my first attempt at making a WW2-themed terrain, Dunkirk 1940, made using assets and textures from CUP and the IFA3 mod.



  • The map is 8x8km, and uses real satellite imagery (heavily photoshopped to recreate the town in its 1940 size) and heightmap data from the city of Dunkirk and area surrounding it.
  • The map is set during the Dunkirk evacuation in the Battle of France, and covers the evacuation of the city but also the rearguard fighting that took place during the defence of the perimeter by French and British units .
  • The city itself is a very large urban area, about 1.2km long and 0.8km deep, with a 1.6km long seafront with recreation of the pier used to load troops onto ships. Sabres Secret Weapons is highly recommended for its excellent ship assets (seen in the screenshots).
  • Outside of the city itself is the Dunkirk port and industrial area, about 2.2km x 1.2km, on the western side of the map.
  • 5 smaller towns and villages outside of the main city and an old stone fort.
  • The rest of the map consists of forests, sand dunes, or open country suitable for armoured gameplay.
  • Several canals and rivers with bridges, which made up the Dunkirk perimeter, most of which are crossable by infantry, vehicles and armour, making them tactically useful.
  • Over 25,000 objects in total.
  • A small fictional section of the coast of southern England with an airfield.
  • Several lines of trenches and fortifications/bunkers outside of the city, with only a few barricades within the city.



  • Because Dunkirk itself is allot bigger than it was in 1940, and for the sake of getting reasonable fps, the satellite image had to be edited allot and the town cut to size, meaning there are a couple of rough edges in places, although this is only really noticeable when in the air.
  • Arma AI does not function as you would expect sometimes in dense, urban areas, and may glide through buildings although this is quite rare.
  • AI can have difficulty taking sharp corners when driving around urban areas, although for the most part AI driving on the map is better than I expected.
  • AI planes are currently unable to take-off/land at the airfields.



  • Hopefully the map should be released fairly soon, most likely as a beta on armaholic before it will then be published on the steam workshop. 








If anyone wants the terrain for testing then I would be very happy to send it, and any feedback is appreciated!

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Some new screenshots showing some of the trenches around the map and also some of the updated urban areas where I've now been able to use Livonia assets:










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I've been following your WW1 terrains and I must say, this is an amazing map based solely on the screenshots. You really have a way with trenches, and I greatly look forward to the development of these terrains. Well done!

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